Our Board of Directors

Our board members ensure that Edvantis sustains a sharp strategic vision, maintains high standards of operational efficiency, and effectively proceeds towards the established corporate goals. Together, we work on progressively raising the quality levels of the IT services we deliver.

Key priorities for our business:

  • Establish a strong governance model
  • Maintain high standards
  • Invest in our human capital
Myroslav Mykhalchuk
Chairman of the Board and Founder of Edvantis

Myroslav Mykhalchuk started his career in the ITO/BPO industry in 1993. He founded Edvantis in 2005 and served as the company’s CEO for 15 years. Under Myroslav’s leadership, the company delivered over 500 projects and grew to 250 people. As chairman of the board, Myroslav ensures that Edvantis maintains its reputation as a premier software development vendor, and the leadership team meets new ambitious business goals.

Myroslav is also a founder and investor at several other tech-driven companies, including BPO Nextdoor, Say2GO, and the Western-Ukrainian Innovation Center. He holds an MS and Ph.D. Degree from Lviv Polytechnic National University and completed programs at York University (Toronto), University of Strathclyde (Glasgow), and University of Texas (Austin). 

Tetyana Huley
Board Member and Co-Founder of Edvantis

TetyanaHuley co-founded Edvantis and served as the company’s EVP of Finance and Chief Financial Officer until 2019. She possesses extensive financial and managerial expertise, as well as in-depth knowledge of the IT outsourcing industry. In her current role as a board member, Tetyana ensures that Edvantis maintains strong financial KPIs.

Before joining Edvantis, Tetyana served as the Head of the IT Department at the International Institute of Education, Culture, and Diaspora Relations and the Head of the Finance Department at SoftServe. Together with Myroslav, she co-founded BPO Nextdoor in 2009 and helped scale the company into a prominent market player, demonstrating sustainable financial growth year-on-year.

Ruslan Zakharchenko
Board Member and CEO

Ruslan Zakharchenko currently serves as the CEO at Edvantis and as a Managing Partner at NP Consulting. 

He is an experienced executive, who has worked in the IT industry for several decades. Prior to joining Edvantis in October 2019, Ruslan served as a Member of the Board of Directors in a top-10 Ukrainian IT outsourcing company and held executive roles within several organizations. During his previous tenure as a CEO, he led business transformation and change management efforts that brought in 40% annual growth for the company. His prolific areas of expertise are IT strategy, business model development, and change management.

Ruslan is a holder of an Executive MBA from Kyiv Mohyla Business School and a Master’s Degree in Applied Mathematics from I. Franko National University, Lviv.

Edvantis is a PARTNER — not a vendor. They’ve showcased an exceptional workflow and have now become an important partner.

Team Values

Customer Focus

We have strong listening skills and know how to deal with challenging customers politely, which makes it easy to meet customers’ needs effectively.


High quality of work standards, honesty, and integrity communicating effectively and appropriately for the workplace and always finding a way to be productive.


We are respectful and supportive of one another. We lead and learn from each other in service and knowledge.


It’s not only personal responsibility, it means being responsible for actions, and words, and taking responsibility for results and outcomes.


Innovation refers to exploiting new ideas, combining the ability to think creatively, problem-solving ability, and functional and technical abilities.