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This is arguably the most important page of Edvantis’ website. As Edvantis’ work philosophy boils down to “clients first,” the names and testimonials of our clients is what ultimately affirms Edvantis’ way of doing business.

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Smiths Detection
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What our clients say
Working with the Edvantis team over the past years has been a positive and productive experience. The delivery of the Edvantis engineers was first-rate and it was a pleasure to work with the team to develop extensive product improvements. I am happy to recommend Edvantis and look forward to working with them again in the future.
Rory Doyle, Director of Product Management, Smiths Detection

Edvantis has intelligent people on board, competent and ready to get the job done. Their professionalism and approach to development has made for a good experience thus far, along with the speed and accuracy of their work.

Thomas Reimann, Division Head Billing and Backend, freenet Group

Collenda is a leading provider of software for the financial services industry covering the entire workflow from loan application and credit assessment, to loan administration and collection. Given our fast-paced growth, we were delighted to have Edvantis consultants conduct an in-depth technological assessment on site and provide us with a dedicated team of experts to digitally transform our solution. We have been extremely pleased with the skills and speed of the team Edvantis placed at our disposal.

Christoph Tahedl, Chief Technology Officer, COLLENDA
Smiths Detection enhances its leading detection position with digital technologies and offers integrated solutions that help customers perform security screening more efficiently, reliably, and accurately.
Since 2014 we extend our capabilities relying on the Edvantis expertise to provide us with a pro-active team of experts on multiple and complex technologies to rapidly answer our customer expectations. A key success was, certainly, that Edvantis has strong values which enable the long term strategic cooperation in an international business relationship.
Rodolphe Duret, Director of Product & Technology, Smiths Detection

To create and improve the most innovative doctors’ information system in the market, Doc Cirrus has been drawing on the expertise of Edvantis application engineers since 2016. Edvantis has truly become an extended workbench for our development team. With Edvantis, cost, value and seamless integration all come together to generate exceptional results.

Dr. Torsten Schmale CEO Founder of DocCirrus
Dr. Torsten Schmale, CEO & Founder, Doc Cirrus

In 2016, we started our project by auditing the potential partners for a nearshoring cooperation model. Edvantis presented themselves to us from day One in a professional, competent and sympathetic way, which ultimately laid the basis for our successful cooperation.

TechniSats requirements to the skill profile of the team were very specific. In a short time Edvantis have been able to acquire well-trained and highly motivated employees who met our requirements and familiarized themselves with the project matter very quickly.

Special challenges during that time, such as the change of the basic technology and also extremely fast adjustments of team size, were accompanied by Edvantis Management with excellence and intuition to our fullest satisfaction.

I would work with Edvantis again anytime. Good Job – Edvantis!

Norman Rother, Head SW-Development, Technisat Dresden GmbH

The quality of their technical team is exceptional. We’ve got a lead whom I’d put up against any of the technical leads that I’ve had on any of my projects… We were told that Edvantis would have a very low turnover – and that has indeed been the case. In three years we haven’t lost a single engineer from our team at Edvantis.

Tim Nichol, Director, SAP Labs

I used to be skeptical of outsourcing software development and QA because of a couple of prior failures with other companies.  When it was suggested that we consider Edvantis, I was originally against the idea but agreed to keep an open mind after a colleague had a very positive prior experience with them.  Very quickly, my opinion began to change because of the thorough on-boarding process and the quality of talent that they sent to our facility to learn about our company, processes, and details about the project they would own.  The project was a huge success because Edvantis was as committed to its success as we were. I highly recommend Edvantis and look forward to using them again.

Rob Beauchamp, Vice President, LibreDigital, now an RRDonnelley company

Noesis has partnered with Edvantis as since its inception in 2011.  Edvantis has successfully delivered on the expectations they set with me when our partnership began.  Over the years, we grew the team from a single developer to the current team of 8 including a QA and a build engineer.

Our Edvantis team has outstanding communication and technical skills.  They are very straightforward with their feedback to Noesis and do a great job at raising concerns as soon as they are identified.  It’s been a pleasure to have them on the team and we plan to continue our strong partnership into the future.

Ron Dovich, Co-Founder & EVP Products, Noesis Inc.

Calavista Software has been working happily with Edvantis for nearly four years.  During that time, Edvantis has been a pleasure to work with, from both the administrative side, and the software delivery side.  We have found them to be flexible, yet mature.  Edvantis provides us with a level of confidence that we expect from our larger top-tier partners.

Sandeep Gupta, CTO and Owner, Calavista