Cloud solutions unlock new levels of business flexibility and reducing fixed IT costs by offering on-demand and “as-needed” services. Edvantis helps organizations of all sizes apply cloud solutions to optimize their existing processes, develop new products and services and create new business models.

Web-based applications are the natural choice for either development a new cloud-native application or migrating existing applications to the cloud.

Cloud-native development

To minimize time to market many clients prefer building cloud-native applications from the ground-up. Cloud-native development requires certain shifts in the ways the application is architected. Often the application is decoupled into a set of modules that can be operated semi-independently in a manner that allows flexible on-demand scaling only certain parts of the whole system based on the observed load.

An important benefit of such approach is the ability to utilize ready-made cloud services offered by infrastructure vendors and thus save significant resources vs developing these parts in-house.

Edvantis has experience building both IaaS and PaaS-based native cloud applications.

Application migration

Many legacy non-cloud-native applications can be migrated to the cloud. Edvantis has a 4-stage process to help our clients realize most of cloud computing benefits for existing and legacy on-premise applications.

  • Audit: we analyze the application architecture. Run benchmarks, identify performance and scalability bottlenecks
  • Migrate: we create and execute migration strategy for a cloud provider of choice
  • Optimize: we perform application and infrastructure tuning based on the real data and metrics
  • Maintain: we operate the application on the platform. Setup and manage continuous delivery and high-availability.


Edvantis engineers are experts in the leading cloud platforms, such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, RedHat Openshift, OpenStack, Heroku, Salesforce, and most current technologies and tools, in particular:

  • Core technologies: Java, Microsoft .NET
  • Application servers: Apache Tomcat, Netty, JBoss, MS IIS
  • Orchestration: Chef, Puppet, Ansible, SaltStack, CFEngine
  • CI: TFS, Jenkins, Bamboo, TeamCity, TravisCI
  • Containerization: Docker, LXD, Rkt
  • QA Automation: SilkTest, TestComplete, Selenium
  • Monitoring: New Relic, AppDynamics, Sysdig
  • Virtualization: AWS EC, Azure VMs, VSphere, VirtualPC
  • Web-based development: Responsive UI/UX, HTML5/CSS3/jQuery, ECMAScript/TypeScript, Angular/React/Knockout, NodeJS, RoR, PHP, Python, YUI, ASP.Net