Smart devices are quickly gaining their place in everyday life. Utility meters, sensors, various household appliances and wearables are increasingly adopting embedded technology to sense and interact with their internal state and external environment.

Besides inventing a multitude of novel devices, a slew of new technologies provide previously ordinary objects with digital sensing, computing, and communication capabilities. Previously passive objects are becoming capable of creating and delivering an information stream reflecting their status and that of their surrounding environment. Such developments radically change the value proposition, creating new services and usage scenarios and driving new business models.

With experience ranging from embedded Linux device drivers and baseband programming to running image recognition algorithms on FPGA and GP GPU computing, there is a big chance Edvantis can help you.

Edvantis Connected Systems competence helps our clients navigate through a multitude of emerging standards and technologies for smart devices and build robust end-to-end solutions utilizing our unique experience.


  • Linux RTOS
  • PLC programming
  • CUDA/OpenCL
  • XMPP
  • Zigbee
  • Microcontrollers
  • WebOS
  • RFID
  • GPS

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