EDVANTIS100/50℠ is our premier software engineering service line that targets the specific needs of enterprises (large organizations, often multinational and publicly traded). The service line underscores the uncompromised power of the solution delivered by Edvantis, which is designed and built for robustness as well as for lasting competitiveness.

A step up from our popular EDVANTIS80/20℠ service line which caters to Small and Medium Businesses, EDVANTIS100/50℠ takes a different and wider angle. Edvantis understands that our clients in this elite business league think big – really, really big; and they will not be satisfied with anything less than outstanding software engineering service. With no compromise to quality, Edvantis undertakes to deliver enterprise-level software, saving our larger clients at least 50% of what they’d have spent implementing it in-house.

One should not be mistaken by the looks of our youthful and energetic crowd of software professionals at Edvantis, neither by our flat, easy-to-work-with corporate structure – nor by our “smart casual” dress code. Since 2000, Edvantis has delivered highly appreciated service to big names, including some Fortune 500 and the Dow Jones Industrial Average corporations, such as SAP (NYSE: SAP), SolarWinds (NYSE: SWI), RR Donnelley (NASDAQ: RRD), 3M (NYSE: MMM), HMA (NYSE: HMA), and many others.

This premier business segment is being approached by different types of vendors. On the one hand, as the world’s economy continues to evolve into a digital, software-driven one, there’s an ongoing trend for top-tier consulting giants to increasingly offer IT services and even bundle massive volumes of offshore outsourcing. And then there’s the understated counter-current of newcomers to the IT consulting marketplace that – based on their excellence in software technology and intimate knowledge on how to make outsourcing bring value – offer pragmatic and strategic IT consulting at radically reduced costs and (those who are the best of them) introducing disruptive business models. Edvantis with its EDVANTIS100/50℠ service line is one such vendor, as we offer our priceless know-how in what works in IT seamlessly in the course of regular software projects and free-of-charge for our returning customers.

Edvantis works according to The Edvantis Way – our set of processes and codes of professional ethics. For the EDVANTIS100/50℠ service line, The Edvantis Way is supercharged in all three of our delivery management axes.


Аccount management

Every client, large or small, gets assigned with an Account Manager at Edvantis, a senior, multi-skilled individual who works to ensure the highest possible customer satisfaction as well as the timely delivery of an innovative and robust solution. Only Edvantis’ most experienced account managers with the necessary maturity and technical-managerial pedigree are trusted with managing the accounts of our enterprise clients. In addition, each EDVANTIS100/50℠ customer is directly supervised by one of Edvantis’ C-level executives to ensure the quickest possible response and exceptional customer care. Edvantis executives regularly take the initiative to travel to our enterprise clients’ HQs to present the econometrics of the projects assigned to Edvantis in the form of highly insightful, KPI-reach Quarterly Business Reviews.


Competence management

Even if the outsourced software project may not seem so vital to our EDVANTIS100/50℠ customer at the moment, Edvantis will nevertheless work behind the scenes to ensure that it will meet all of the enterprise’s future needs. It is important to think about the larger scale, fault-tolerance, and the millions of potential users. The cost of a software failure at an enterprise can be immense – therefore, Edvantis focuses on designs for testability and failure prevention. At the same time, as IoT continues to bring petabytes of data on end users’ patterns and preferences, enterprise software systems of EDVANTIS100/50℠ clients must be made capable of big data analysis to be executed at scalable cloud resources, and of delivering meaningful business intelligence analytics whenever the enterprise client might need it.


Resource management

This aspect is utterly straightforward within the EDVANTIS100/50℠ service line. Our enterprise customers always get the best software engineering resources whenever they need them, as a matter of top priority.


Please let us know of your potential interest so that a member of the Edvantis executive management team can get in touch with you to discuss how we can help your enterprise.