EDVANTIS80/20℠ is our software engineering service line that targets the specific needs of Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs). It makes rational and balanced use of resources and knowledge to deliver the best possible value within carefully managed budgets.

The 80/20 theory is a powerful business paradigm. It’s also known as Pareto’s Principle after Vilfredo Pareto (1843–1923), an Italian economist who noticed that 80% of results come from 20% of efforts. Edvantis has turned this fundamental observation into our corporate promise to small and medium businesses: we’ll intelligently strip away bloatware and deliver all essential features as well as 80% of the nice-to-have functionality expected in a full-featured enterprise-level solution – all within 20% of the budget normally spent on a similar application at large companies.

There’s a market gap: small and medium businesses do not usually get the same quality of IT advice and robustness in software delivery as enterprises. An SMB may be either too busy trying to meet a loosely planned deadline to strategize or not in a position to spend a 6-digit figure to seek IT consultancy from a top-tier vendor (not to mention the risks associated with a size mismatch between an SMB and a major vendor). Or both.

EDVANTIS80/20℠ bridges this market gap. Having served dozens of larger organizations during our 15+ years in business, Edvantis has gained immense insight into what works and delivers long-term competitive advantages to enterprises, in terms of both technology and software delivery practices. And we know how to bring this priceless know-how to our SMB clients – seamlessly in the course of that project with a hard deadline and free-of-charge for our returning customers.

Edvantis operates in accordance to The Edvantis Way – our set of processes and codes of professional conduct. For the EDVANTIS80/20℠ service line, The Edvantis Way takes on some distinct features in all three of our delivery management axes.


Resource management

The Pareto (80/20) rule is also applicable to resource output as compared to price. Even though it would be oversimplified to directly relate it to knowledge workers, it does make sense to balance off the team members’ formal levels of seniority with available budgets, which for SMBs are often limited. Edvantis’ mid-level, fully competent software developers and testers are stellar core resources for the SMB projects that require technology and process maturity to be interwoven with proactivity and hands-on familiarity with modern high-tech use cases.


Competence management

Due to the incredibly fast pace that SMAC (social, mobile, analytics, and cloud) tech trends are evolving and being used as new software features in SMB solutions, the proper mix of talent among your outsourced project team can determine success or failure. Edvantis assumes the responsibility of carefully crafting each team for our client’s needs – and, if necessary, it will intermix senior back-end specialists with younger, competent software engineers who ensure that the User Interface/User Experience (UI/UX) of the developed solution is in line with the emerging expectations of users.


Аccount management

Every client, large or small, gets assigned with an Account Manager at Edvantis, a senior, multi-skilled individual who works to ensure the highest possible customer satisfaction as well as the timely delivery of an innovative and robust solution. Oftentimes, the Edvantis AM is a very important operational contact for your team – therefore, compatibility does matter. Edvantis has Account Managers who have proven to work successfully with small and medium-sized companies. In particular, they have educational and career paths as well as personal interests similar to the younger crowd of IT managers who are likely to be their peers and day-to-day communication points at SMB-type client companies.


There’s so much more in our EDVANTIS80/20℠ proprietary offering that is worth discussing at the executive level. Please let us know when we can have an insightful conversation on what EDVANTIS80/20℠ is and how it can benefit your business.