Edvantis, originally known as BrainPower Software, has been serving international markets since 2005. At the end of 2005, the company was renamed to Edvantis Software and was significantly reorganized to accelerate growth. Today Edvantis is a premier, internationally present vendor of value-added software engineering and consulting.

Edvantis continuously hones its excellence in three key areas, which renders its service unique and distinguishes it from the commodity services that plague the IT outsourcing industry.

First, Edvantis works to deliver beyond any given software project’s scope and budget – complimentary for our clients. Our R&D Labs, which continuously monitor the most important innovation trends and help our clients stay on top of emerging technologies, is one excellent example.

Furthermore, even though our company keeps growing, Edvantis is committed to remaining thoroughly responsive and easy to work with. Edvantis’ team – from the top management to newcomer engineers – always listens to the client first. Upon completely comprehending the client’s requirements and business circumstances, Edvantis delivers the best possible value to projects of all types and sizes, applying a number of specialized technology enablers and service lines.

Last but not least, Edvantis’ work culture carries a strong set of values and principles, which radiate proactivity, commitment, and a “can-do” attitude. Edvantis’ teams are regularly referred to by our clients as the strongest software development task force they’ve ever used, in-house or contracted. Edvantis strives to always be a fair and reliable employer. As a result, Edvantisians are committed long-term to the company and, likewise, to our clients.

Quick Facts

  • Founded in 2005
  • 300+ employees worldwide
  • 30+ active clients
  • Nearly 500 projects completed
  • 90% of Clients refer us
  • Locations in 4 countries, spanning 8 time zones

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