Modul-System Sweden AB is a market leader in ticketing and payment systems used primarily in public transport and parking.
For over 30 years, Modul-System has been delivering dependable turnkey solutions to the transport industry and authorities across Scandinavia.


Storstockholms Lokaltrafik AB (SL, or Greater Stockholm Local Transit Company) needed to replace 400 obsolete conductor devices, in particular, because of handheld weight concerns of the Swedish Work Environment Authority. In addition to weight reduction, SL sought a future-proof solution capable of handling various means of payment besides SL handling Access/MIFARE Classic. Hence, connectivity via NFC, WiFi, GPRS/3G, and Bluetooth, as well as mobile imaging and GPS, were welcomed features.

In a public tender conducted by SL, this challenging project was granted to a joint bid by Modul-System and Edvantis Software. Throughout the project, SL has installed and commissioned about 1,100 new units.


The newly developed device BKU (Bärbar KonduktörsUtrustning, or Portable Conductors Equipment) is the first 3rd-party product fully integrated into the SL Access ticketing system. In a synergetic effort, Modul-System contributed a wealth of product knowledge and leadership while Edvantis designed and implemented the xBKU mobile app that runs on the GMX YouTransactor SK20 platform as well as helped to You integrate the solution into the SL Access infrastructure.

Great emphasis was put on making BKU user-friendly via ergonomic studies and adherence to requirements by the Swedish Work Environment Authority. Edvantis applied its expertise in UI/UX design and agile development, communicating closely with SL and target users of BKU.

In the course of the project, Edvantis also worked with the hardware vendor GMX S.A.S. to custom-tune SK20 firmware. To extend application areas, Edvantis architectured xBKU to be easily adaptable to new requirements of other public transport operators. Going beyond project specs, Edvantis engineered a series of valuable extensions such as handling EMV Chip&PIN and Chip&GO credit cards (undergoing certification) and reading 1D/2D bar codes (Aztec, QR) to handle SMS/MMS tickets, automatic gate openers, etc.


Edvantis helped Modul-System successfully render a much-needed innovation to SL. Due to its business success with an end-client that runs all of the land-based public transport systems in Stockholm County, Modul-System was able to gain the interest of other important market players, in particular:

Waxholms Ångfartygs AB (WÅAB, a shipping company responsible for seaborne public transport in Stockholm archipelago and harbor). WÅAB-BKU is already used on-board small boats as the main device for handling tickets and cards while on large boats, it is used as part of the portable sales equipment (paired with a mobile printer). An expected feature is to have it implement credit card

BIMS AB (Biljettsystem i Mellansverige, the second-largest public transport operator in Sweden) has expressed its interest in BKU technology. While commercial discussions are subject to confidentiality, at this time, it can be stated that xBKU software engineered by Edvantis for extensibility is technically capable of supporting BIMS ticketing needs.

An added benefit of this multi-year cooperation is that IT teams at Modul-System and Edvantis have mutually enriched their excellence by sharing best practices in distributed, agile, and cost-effective software engineering.