Software econometrics and value measurement remain a very limited privilege in custom software developement industry, offered by only a handful of top-tier IT consultancies. Now Edvantis is bringing these insightful tools not only to its enteprise clients but also to small and medium business customers. We do it in a convenient “executive summary” format of a Quarterly Business Reviews (our EDVANTIS100/50℠ customers regularly have them presented in-person by one of Edvantis’ C-level executives). What’s more – Edvantis in fact delivers this elite service free of charge for our returning clients.

Based on de-facto software economics standards, in particular the “Value-Based Software Engineering (VBSE)” by Barry Boehm and Dan Port, Edvantis offers methodologies to practically measure the software engineering process and to determine the level of different kinds of investments and their influence on process proficiency. Following these techniques, software development companies can get a clear picture of efficiency for different parts of work and estimate the efforts put into product development. After that real proficiency can be measured by different valuation techniques that are used separately or together.

IRR (Internal Rate of Return), NPV (Net Present Value), and other approaches are used by Edvantis to track the development process effectiveness. We are constantly evaluating various aspects of current projects such as team productivity, product size, and environment support investments. By using various analysis techniques, we can easily make project plan adjustments and maintain a process that is insured against risks to bring customers cost-effective, high-quality solutions and a product that satisfies the requirements and is well-targeted on market.

A key component of the Edvantis software econometrics policy is the implementation of the “always do things better than today” principle at all levels of company processes: from the best practices and patterns in development using modern software and infrastructure solutions  to long-term perspective planning decisions that keep Edvantis at the forefront of the modern software development industry.

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