Edvantis Software helps businesses around the globe stay future-proof.

It’s here. Business leaders worldwide agree that since 2012 and for the foreseeable future to come it’s IT – not people skills, not even market forces or macroeconomics – that is the #1 external driving force in business. And it’s becoming true for any sector, be it high tech or brick and mortar.

Edvantis delivers top-notch custom software solutions to our clients – and so much more than that. Having served hundreds of organisations in countless projects since 2000, Edvantis has accumulated a wealth of precious know-how – as well as awareness of dangerous routes. Our dedicated R&D Labs, always on top of industry trends, accesses even routine software projects granted to us in order to recommend to our clients new technologies that will secure them with the highest ROI.

What’s more – our recurring clients benefit from this valuable advice by Edvantis free-of-charge. Some of our satisfied customers note that, in a sense, Edvantis’ approach disrupts traditional (and traditionally expensive) IT strategy consulting practice – as we deliver similar, if not more practical, insights for free.

Edvantis’ result-driven business model has always been difficult to mimic because it’s opposite to the one-time, quick-money tactics that are not uncommon in outsourced software services (and which unfortunately contribute to the stunning 45% failure rate of all sizeable software projects.) It’s our highest technology prowess and many years of dedicated, quality service that allow Edvantis to share in the rewards of a growing business together with our thriving clients. Think win-win at its best.

You may want to explore the components of Edvantis’ unique model, which ensures the lasting competitiveness of our clients; some good places to start are For Whom, How and, of course, Clients and Testimonials. Or talk to our experts and explore how Edvantis can leverage your ongoing initiatives as well as help future-proof your business.