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Understand how to achieve your goals with Edvantis help: analysis of the as-is situation and blueprint creation for the desired to-be state. Edvanits will assist you in unlocking trapped value within your organization, helping you embrace digitalization, and navigate in a fast-paced environment.
IT Advisory Services

Executive IT Advisory

Edvanits C-level representative(s) can sit down with you directly at CEO/CTO/CXX level to discuss the challenges you are facing. We propose sustainable growth strategies and analyze the impact of technology on your business, rather than attempt digitalization merely for the sake of “digitalization”. And, to follow it up, we advise holding monthly advisory board meetings to track the progress of the newly-created strategy implementation.

Our systematic advice is tailored specifically to your business goals, operations structure, and future vision. Leverage our experience and proven frameworks to scale and transform your business.

IT Consulting Services

IT Consulting

Business transformations are prone to a variety of costly pitfalls and risks. We at Edvantis are committed to helping you achieve the set outcome with minimal losses.

Our IT Consulting Service is a 2-stage process:

  1. IT Strategy and Operations Audit.
  2. Report presentation, including key findings and recommendations on the next steps.

Overall, this process ensures that your company stays on track.

Benefits of IT Advisory Service

Hands-on approach
Edvantis consultants attend meetings with your executive team to improve the strategic oversight of your business.
Accelerated learning
With our guidance and frameworks, you can rapidly prototype a potential solution and design a strategy for launching new initiatives that fit your company.
Continuous support
We will provide additional technological support after the initial implementation and organized quick consultations with our top experts.
Comprehensive offering
Since we have in-house development resources and expertise, in addition to IT Advisory, Edvantis can not only develop a strategic tech blueprint, but also proceed to implement it.
Risk minimization
A well-thought-out plan allows us to identify critical spots upfront and start implementing these. This way, Edvantis ensures that fundamental changes were incorporated and helps you to scale further at a faster speed.

Is IT Advisory The Right Outsourcing
for My Case?

Executive IT Advisory and IT Consulting services work best for companies seeking structural transformations above all else. Therefore this service model suits both mature companies and newly created ones. As consultants, we can draw a blueprint for reaching the desired to-be state and propose several technological strategies for meeting your objectives. Further, we can assist with the implementation of selected solutions.

What we expect from you during this engagement is:

  • Strong support and commitment on a c-suite level
  • Reassurance that every stakeholder follows through on the proposed steps
  • Deep focus on the fundamental changes
  • Provision of sufficient resources for implementing the proposed blueprint

The benefit of working with Edvantis is that we can further become a one-stop-shop for all your tech needs, supporting efficient delivery on every stage of your company life cycle with an optimal total cost of ownership. You have an option to transition to another service model (Staff Augmentation, Managed Team, or Managed Project) to carry out the execution part, as well as plug in Business Process Outsourcing in addition.

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