The Edvantis Software Assets Management (SAM) policy is implemented as a portfolio of software available during both the software development process and IT infrastructure management. The complete inventory of software versions and licenses is constantly reviewed by development team managers and experienced IT engineers to avoid software over-purchasing and at the same time to keep required software up-to-date and available on demand when a new project starts or when plans for the next period are being refined.

For development process assets management we use the “technology stack approach.” At the project planning stage when some initial technology requirements are available, the software assets inventory is reviewed and a decision is made whether to make an additional license purchase or to use the existing stack of tools grouped by specific usage: by technology (.NET, Java, Mobile, RoR etc.) or by development area (databases, application servers, various VM or cloud technologies). Purchase requests are collected and processed by the IT department. At this stage some suggestions can be made by the IT management to reduce the number of licenses or software products by using existing compatible versions or free replacements with the same feature sets. After clarifying all requirements, the final decision is made by the management for a complete set of demands. Software stack usage is constantly monitored by the IT department and outdated versions are excluded from the inventory or planned for future upgrades. This allows Edvantis to always provide cost-effective solutions for both new and long-running projects that require software stack improvement or reorganization.

For IT infrastructure assets management, most requests come from the IT department while decisions are made by the company management based on annual development plans. This allows the company to keep the IT infrastructure at the highest level of efficiency without significantly affecting investments and constantly updating software, which slows down the development process. By using virtualization extensively and moving parts of the IT infrastructure to the cloud, Edvantis achieves quick on-demand software reorganization and up-to-date patching. This ensures that the company can rapidly respond to any customer request and prevent out-of-order situations.

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