In the two million hours of software engineering that our experts have delivered to our clients since 2000, Edvantis has always worked to stay on top of the ever-evolving technology trends. As a result, Edvantis specializeі in five key and interwoven domains that are increasingly driving profit in most of the verticals that we serve.

These areas are:

  • Custom Software and Hardware Development 
  • Cloud & Web Technologies
  • Mobile Applications
  • Big Data & Analytics
  • Connected Systems / Internet of Things

It’s encouraging to observe that leading high-tech thinkers have come to a consensus on a similar set of future-defining technologies. In this day in age, a software engineering vendor must possess not only technical prowess but also a clear hands-on understanding of how social, mobile, analytics, cloud, and increasingly the Internet of Things (IoT) create synergy. Such vendor can help enable organizations of all sizes to make their operations future-proof and to get closer to the end-user of their services.

Edvantis’ outstanding software professionals form technology-specific Centers of Excellence that always deliver leading-edge knowledge and first-comer advantages to Edvantis’ clients. Please follow the above links for more technical details, or feel free to contact us for a thoughtful discussion on how to transform your particular business and turn your technical challenges into opportunities.