The Edvantis Way, partly set in documentation, partly embedded in the corporate business culture spread across our distributed offices, is how we implement our mission to help ensure that our clients’ businesses are future-proof.

We know that many of our present and future clients are undergoing a thrilling and challenging transformation as they integrate into the new digital ecosystem and uncover opportunities that used to be beyond their reach. Software intelligence is thus becoming the core strength of any business, but one must bear in mind that software itself is also undergoing a rapid evolution in the way it is built.

It is therefore no longer sufficient for your software engineering supplier to excel in promising high-tech trends such as big data, cloud, social, mobility, and IoT. Your provider must also be on par with, if not excelling, your internal IT team in the very process of building and delivering software. Edvantis is one such vendor: we employ a set of practical, no-nonsense working processes that have benefited from the millions of hours of our total working experience and that are based on the best industry practices.

To re-phrase the old catchphrase: software-building processes they are a-changin‘. Just several years ago model-driven, top-down code generation processes requiring dozens of documented artifacts as a pre-requisite were industry-standard. Today, agile methods are quickly prevailing. Therefore, many of Edvantis’ clients, in addition to their backlog of projects, also face the significant challenge of re-building their internal process DNA toward agile on the fly. Edvantis, being an early adopter of agile processes and in particular Scrum, the soon-to-be de facto face of agile, is ready to share the dos and don’ts and thus help our clients bridge this process gap.

Agile at its core, The Edvantis Way covers all phases from requirements gathering through software product maintenance and support. The Edvantis Way has its fine-tuned flavors, in particular differing engagement and execution components, thus allowing us to efficiently serve the specific needs of both small-to-medium businesses and enterprises. Edvantis’ process is flexible enough to start from the clients’ free-form ideas.

Edvantis’ management structure is a matrix consisting of three independent axes: account management, resource management, and competence management. It assures timely and high-quality project delivery, proper and rapid staffing, as well as strength of technical expertise. Edvantis’ project leads are top-notch professionals; their excellent technical, managerial, and communication skills allow them to act as the clients’ main contact point for project-related questions. Edvantis’ model has been proven efficient in the standalone setup covering the entire project cycle as well as across our corporate clients’ globally distributed teams.

Edvantis widely uses modern ALM software, continuous integration and delivery, virtualizing, cloud-based development, and QA. With our SaaS-based tools, Edvantis’ customers have full control of their project execution and can participate in product development and testing in real time.

You are welcome to visit the related links and delve into the details on Edvantis’ working processes – or schedule a discussion with us to learn more.