Edvantis employs outstanding software professionals in its offices around the globe to optimize delivery to our clients. The Edvantis Way – our distributed agile-based methodology – allows us to cost-effectively place the bulk of our software development and quality assurance capacity in Eastern Europe, an area that has a long and rich tradition of developing software products and supplying premium value. (After all, there is a reason that most of the world’s largest technology companies have focused some or most of their development efforts in Eastern Europe, and that the biggest software development outsourcers have headquarters in Eastern Europe.)

While available industry research normally only explores differences among outsourcing destinations at country levels, experienced buyers of outsourcing services understand the potential of regions, in particular, cross-border regions. There’s often synergetic value in combining the advantages of two adjacent regions.

Edvantis has strategically based its two primary delivery centers in Galicia – a historic region with rich multicultural and economic ties spanning the east of Poland and the west of Ukraine. Since 2012, Edvantis has been refining this combined delivery facility to best serve the European Union as well as Edvantis’ clients in North America and around the world. Edvantis’ production centers in Rzeszow (Poland, EU) and Lviv (western Ukraine) are only 90 miles apart – such distances are not uncommon between local offices of the same company spread within the same larger metropolitan area in the West. Given the simplified cross-border traffic regulations in the Galicia region, this proximity allows Edvantis’ workers to take routine daily roundtrips as needed.

At the same time, the benefits of this smart setup that Edvantis offers to its clients are very unique. Edvantis taps into the cross-border software talent pool, which is multilingual, abundant, experienced, process-rich, innovative, and collaborative – and this capacity is further developed at the level of both governments, in particular, via multiple transnational EU Programs. Travel through the EU and around the globe is very easy given the presence of modern airports in both Rzeszow and Lviv. Data backups between these two delivery centers of Edvantis offer nearly the same levels of reliability as top-tier cloud storage providers while at the same time are not restricted by the legal regulations that prohibit many of the clients’ companies from storing their users’ data in the cloud. Edvantis builds and trains its distributed teams to be not just an extension of our clients’ IT divisions, but rather your trusted delivery and integration partners.

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