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Edvantis helped Doc Cirrus transform its product into an ecosystem of third-party e-health modules, enhance it with new features, and expand it to the Swiss healthcare market.

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Doc Cirrus – a leading e-healthcare software solutions vendor in Germany and beyond – wanted to set a new standard in doctor-patient healthcare services delivery and was seeking additional expertise to scale their inSuite software platform. They needed to rapidly increase their software development capacity to meet the market demand. 

“We needed to flexibly grow our software development team and have had great success with Edvantis providing a fixed near-shore team of highly skilled developers. Some key product components are developed by Edvantis”

Ronald Wertlen, Head of Software Development at Doc Cirrus

inSuite, the company’s core offering, is a secure, innovative web-based software solution that alleviates the common hurdles of delivering excellent healthcare services. 

Some of the key product features

  • Secure patient data storage & exchanges  
  • Appointment scheduling and patient management module  
  • Electronic healthcare records management suite 
  • Online patient portal  
  • Integrated payments  
  • Robust patient CRM  
  • Telemedicine functionality  
  • Digital prescriptions module 

To improve the processes of complex medical organizations while ensuring data protection, Doc Cirrus offers healthcare practices a hybrid cloud technology combining a secure local storage device with all of the advantages of a modern cloud solution. 

A team of 7 Edvantis developers and 1 agile scrum team lead has been helping Doc Cirrus to keep their modern technology at the cutting edge and deliver new e-healthcare modules to the market. 

Main Goals

  • Rapidly increase Doc Cirrus’s software development capacity
  • Deliver new e-healthcare modules to the German and Swiss markets
  • Expand the inSuite software platform to serve as an e-health marketplace

Technologies Used

Java 8, Spring Framework, JavaScript, jQuery, MySQL, Elasticsearch, Amazon SageMaker, Apache Tomcat, Amazon Web Services


As Edvantis & Doc Cirrus partnership grew, we transitioned from Staff Augmentation to Managed Team, scaling up the team to 8 people. With extensive knowledge of inSuite, Edvantis engineers achieved the following results:

  • Implementing new workflows and process logic for the Swiss healthcare market 
  • Enabling the processing of data from medtech devices such as pacemakers 
  • Creating an integration for DICOM data

We also helped Doc Cirrus transform inSuite into an ecosystem of third-party e-health modules. Edvantis is the preferred vendor for health tech startups who want to integrate their modules into inSuite. The latest example is our partnership with SEMDATEX


We have helped Doc Cirrus effectively scale their technical capabilities and embrace a leaner, distributed software development process. 

“Excellent offering – great developers with great value. They have an awesomely friendly company culture that makes a stable team possible over 8 years and counting!”  

Ronald Wertlen, Head of Software Development at Doc Cirrus 

During our collaboration, inSuite user base has grown significantly and the product continuously receives positive ratings from end-users, ranging from small medical practices to larger (100+ employees) healthcare institutions. As part of a larger team, Edvantis specialists have worked on a new software product that helped Doc Cirrus enter the Swiss healthcare market.

Edvantis has become the preferred vendor for health tech startups who want to integrate their modules into inSuite. The latest example is our partnership with SEMDATEX

We look forward to maintaining our long-term partnership with Doc Cirrus and companies using its ecosystem to enable them to reach their ambitious business goals.

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