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Edvantis helped SEMDATEX GmbH launch a new remote patient monitoring solution, powered by real-time clinical data.

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About the Company

SEMDATEX founded in 2016, swiftly positioned itself as a technology service partner and IT solutions provider for healthcare companies. The company’s mission is to help healthcare organizations streamline patient data exchanges, and improve digital clinical processes. The company already works with Doc Cirrus, Livetec, BIOTRONIK, and is actively onboarding new partners. 


As SEMDATEX continued to grow, their vision expanded to include new product integrations and solutions. As a result, they sought an experienced software development team with a deep understanding of the healthcare domain, capable of solving complex challenges.

Edvantis was selected from a pool of other IT vendors to co-create a new software solution with SEMDATEX and seamlessly integrate it into the Doc Cirrus environment.

“Edvantis succeeds where others fail. We were getting nowhere with our previous vendor, and Edvantis turned things around in no time flat.” 

Henrik Schmidt, Geschäftsführer Technologie (CTO) 

The project involved numerous software modules that required secure real-time data exchanges with medical devices. The goal was to create a streamlined data collection process, gathering data from medical devices such as Biotronik pacemakers and integrating this clinical data into the system for analysis.

Furthermore, all software components and data integrations had to comply with the German healthcare regulations governing the collection, storage, and privacy of digital patient data. The client needed a compliant solution with high security standards.

Main Goals 

  • Expand the SEMDATEX product ecosystem with new offerings  
  • Create a streamlined process to collect data from medical devices
  • Build a secure, real-time clinical data exchange mechanism, integrated with other systems
  • Ensure software compliance with German healthcare regulations

Technologies Used 

Node.js, MongoDB, React, Redux, Docker


Since November 2020, a managed team of Edvantis engineers has supported SEMDATEX on its product development journey.

  1. Specialized Patient monitoring. Our team developed a specialized solution for monitoring and responding to changes in patient conditions. Using real-time data, the module can rapidly notify medical professional about changes in the patient’s vital signs and issue critical alerts if their condition rapidly deteriorates, enabling quick intervention. 
  2. Rapid Data Exchange. We integrated best-in-class tools for efficient data exchange, and users can now import and export stored patient records in different formats. We also created a system for remote processing of patient monitoring data, and developed a tool to extract medical data from patient records. 
  3. Connected Medical Devices. Edvantis engineers built an adapter for collecting and transforming data from connected medical devices. The system enables medical professionals to measure vital parameters such as heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, and ECG saving time for staff, and reducing the risk of errors.


SEMDATEX needed a new vendor to complete the challenging project. Having extensive experience working with the Doc Cirrus environment, Edvantis managed to deliver successfully on all project tasks despite a tight deadline.

By opting for a managed team model, SEMDATEX benefited from a shorter team ramp-up time and proactive support of team performance management.

Throughout the collaboration, Edvantis consulted SEMDATEX on building a secure data management process that complied with German healthcare regulations and Doc Cirrus requirements.

The SEMDATEX telemedicine platform successfully captured a significant market share for remote care. The project continues to evolve, and we are actively collaborating on new software add-ons. During our partnership, SEMDATEX also signed on a new client, and we believe that many more will follow!

Edvantis succeeds where others fail. We were getting nowhere with our previous vendor, and Edvantis turned things around in no time flat.

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