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One software development vendor — multiple ways of collaborating. We offer a scoped range of outsourcing models that can be adapted to your current needs and scaled as you grow. Whether you are new to IT outsourcing or experienced in managing large-scale software development teams, Edvantis can advise you on the best approach to executing your vision, co-create efficient technical solutions, and support your further growth.

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Edvantis offers stackable IT outsourcing service models, available as standalone offerings or combined to meet a wider range of your business needs. With Edvantis you receive transparent advice on the optimal collaboration arrangement, proactive support during onboarding and beyond it, plus fast operational ramp-up.

Latests Success Stories

Freenet Group

Legacy Software Modernization for a Telecom Company

Freenet Group

Edvantis helped the Freenet Group upgrade its legacy infrastructure and migrate to a more agile microservices architecture in one year. Our team has ported and upgraded 16 legacy services to the new Spring Boot framework, Java 11, and Mono+Flux libraries as well as delivered essential QA services — static code analysis, integration testing, and code coverage reports.

Seamless Ticketing Experience for Swedish Passengers


Edvantis and Modulsystem Sweden AB jointly delivered a connected portable conductor device and ticketing POS app for Greater Stockholm Local Transit Authority. We worked with Famoco to custom-tune Famoco Firmware and developed an Android mobile app to integrate the new ticketing solution into the SL Access infrastructure.

Engineering Services for a HealthTech Company


Edvantis is providing staff augmentation services to Doc Cirrus —  leading e-healthcare software solutions vendor in Germany and beyond. Edvantis‘ team has helped the company modernize their legacy technology and bring new e-healthcare modules to the market, supporting new medical data integrations and workflows.

Ticketing Software Development for a Vendor in Public Transportation


Edvantis helped ATRON create a ticketing system, based on the standard introduced by the joint venture of the public transport authorities (PTAs) in Sweden. By rapidly setting up the project, Edvantis enabled ATRON Systems Sweden AB to become the front-runner among other PTAs of Sweden. The solution can be re-used by any Swedish PTA with only a few changes to parameters.

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Edvantis By the Numbers

Edvantis is a mature IT outsourcing vendor and a trusted partner to market leaders in the finance, retail, healthcare, manufacturing, and energy sectors. With presence in Germany, Poland, and Ukraine we are in the optimal position to deliver on a global scale.

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