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It’s hard to find a staffing company that’s willing to deliver a smooth partnership on top of assuring that you always work with high-quality resources.
Scott Brittain
CTO, TrustRadius
Their CEO is awesome and really cares for his clients.
Michael Saringer
CEO, Alturos Destinations GmbH
The Edvantis team is comprised of experts with a deep understanding of their subject matter. They’ve showcased an exceptional workflow and have now become an important partner.
Jeff Hotz
President, TESTCo
Edvantis gave the impression that they were engaged and wanted to solve our problems. They were also very reactive and fast in providing documents and inputs.
Robert Tingaud
Senior Director SW & Controls Development, Kardex Remstar
The team’s quality and speed of delivery kept pace with internal resources’, satisfying the client. Edvantis offered a high level of technical skill and a near-nonexistent level of turnover with its resources. The team’s timeliness added to an already successful collaboration.
Tim Nichol
Former VP of Development, Factory Logic
The client’s company has a dedicated customer base, reflecting on the quality of their products. Edvantis fully integrated with the client’s company, establishing a smooth workflow. The team is talented, hard-working, and experienced.
Ronald Wertlen
Head of Software Development, Doc Cirrus GmbH
Through a navigable, user-friendly platform, candidates have been able to sign up for services with ease. Similarly, the partner has been able to successfully process applicants through the backend of the system within hours. Despite the remote collaboration, they communicated seamlessly.
Randy Ramirez
CIO, BenchWatch
The new online portal being delivered by Edvantis solves two problems, both assisting in the product marketing of their client’s company and improving the user experience of their existing customers. The team has demonstrated significant expertise in their work, bringing complex ideas to life.
Christoph Tahedl
CTO, Collenda
Edvantis produced streamlined deliverables that generated positive reception from internal stakeholders. The team is ambitious and engaged in the projects, enabling minimal oversight and effective collaboration.
Torbjörn Henryson
Business Developer, Modulsystem
Edvantis has done a phenomenal job throughout the engagement. They’re able to manage the project effectively and have strong communication skills. They’re trustworthy partners who are committed to delivering innovative solutions.
Steve Frey
CEO, Oasis Housing Corporation
Edvantis has a team of highly skilled developers that always delivers high-quality work. With teammates around the globe, they’re able to stagger when they’re working on certain tasks, decreasing development time. Participating in standups, they’ve integrated with the internal team.
Director of Engineering, Energy Company
Edvantis dedicated experienced resources who effectively integrated with internal teams and enabled the production of impressive deliverables. Their transparency and robust technical knowledge ensure effective collaboration. The team is responsive, which results in additional engagement.
Global Head, Engineering Company
Edvantis’ team was measured based on internal KPIs. Overall, they were committed to delivering high-quality work. The team is very skilled and experienced. They had little turnover, resulting in a smooth collaboration.
Robert Alvarez
CFO & COO, BigCommerce
Edvantis has been able to constantly discover issues and work with the in-house team to track that information. In addition to adhering to project requirements, the team is communicative and cooperative, making for a successful, longterm working relationship.
Elliott Lander
Managing Director, ATR
Edvantis delivered exceptionally high-quality work. They’ve only received positive feedback. They worked with an agile and scrum methodology in order to manage code review. They followed a systematic process to ensure quality delivery. Overall, they’re a professional team.
Armin Hardt
Former CFO, TechniSat R&D
Calavista Software has been working happily with Edvantis for nearly four years. During that time, Edvantis has been a pleasure to work with, from both the administrative side, and the software delivery side. We have found them to be flexible, yet mature.
Sandeep Gupta
CTO and Owner, Calavista
The quality of their technical team is exceptional. We’ve got a lead whom I’d put up against any of the technical leads that I’ve had on any of my projects… We were told that Edvantis would have a very low turnover – and that has indeed been the case. In three years we haven’t lost a single engineer from our team at Edvantis.
Tim Nichol
Director, SAP Labs
To create and improve the most innovative doctors’ information system in the market, Doc Cirrus has been drawing on the expertise of Edvantis application engineers since 2016. Edvantis has truly become an extended workbench for our development team.
Dr. Torsten Schmale
CEO & Founder, Doc Cirrus
Edvantis has intelligent people on board, competent and ready to get the job done. Their professionalism and approach to development has made for a good experience thus far, along with the speed and accuracy of their work.
Thomas Reimann
Division Head Billing and Backend, Freenet Group
Working with the Edvantis team over the past years has been a positive and productive experience. The delivery of the Edvantis engineers was first-rate and it was a pleasure to work with the team to develop extensive product improvements.
Rory Doyle
Director of Product Management, Smiths Detection