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    Project management is phenomenal. I can’t speak highly enough of the project manager and the rest of the team. I trust them as experts in development.
    Having worked with Edvantis for more than seven years, we are happy with their services. Edvantis has proven to be a reliable partner in terms of both administrative processes and software delivery.
    We received significantly higher quality advice, development, and QA from Edvantis than our previous off-shore team. The difference was clear within the first month.
    During the project, Edvantis team proved to be extremely hard-working, took ownership of the deliverables, and showed strong commitment. Even post-integration, they were very engaged.
    Edvantis has been able to cope with our demands in a short time. They’ve raised the right questions, which means they know what they’re talking about and they’ve spent time to get into the topic.
    Edvantis has been instrumental in most of our key deliverables for the past decade and are the only vendor that has established themselves as a strategic partner.
    Edvantis succeeds where others fail. We were getting nowhere with our previous vendor, and Edvantis turned things around in no time flat.
    Edvantis maintained a strong understanding of QA and ultimately delivered quality work. The personal care and attention they put into the partnership set them apart.
    It’s hard to find a staffing company that’s willing to deliver a smooth partnership on top of assuring that you always work with high-quality resources.
    We’ve been surprised by Edvantis. Their team has performed much better than other [development] resources. My teams have given great feedback on them.
    Edvantis gave the impression that they were engaged and wanted to solve our problems. They were also very reactive and fast in providing documents and inputs.
    Edvantis is a PARTNER — not a vendor. Our clients are very satisfied, almost never leave after beginning work with us and depend on us to achieve their goals.
    We found them to be credible and highly technically competent. They helped us with all of our features, working alongside our existing engineering team.
    Excellent offering – great developers with great value. They have a friendly company culture that makes a stable team possible over 8 years and counting!
    They’re able to come up with their own ideas to contribute to our aims. Their ability to communicate around the solution makes a huge difference. I’m confident that their entire team is strong in their skills.
    If you want to introduce new technology to your team, the input coming from Edvantis helps to speed up, helps to find new ideas, and helps find developers that have these skills.
    Edvantis is always friendly and listens well. We also have good communication with management. We’re happy to partner with them.
    We’ve created a good partnership and I try to refer others to them. They’ve done a phenomenal job. We haven’t faced any of the pitfalls associated with an overseas team.
    I’ve always found them to be attentive and they have very good attention to detail. They’re really good, which is why we brought them on for multiple projects.
    They’ve integrated with us to become a part of our team. They share the same professional attitude towards their customers as we do. We have a cultural match.
    They have a strong work ethic, they were committed to the deliverables, and they took it very seriously. They never hesitated to send their team to our offices to make sure the integration project went smoothly.
    The level of communication sets them apart. We’ve had great cooperation through the entire history of our working with them. Our relationship has been highly successful.
    The feedback we got about the quality of their work was so positive. It was really amazing, and I would not have anticipated such positive feedback from the whole team.
    We have been working happily with Edvantis for nearly four years. During that time, Edvantis has been a pleasure to work with, from both the administrative side, and the software delivery side.
    Edvantis has intelligent people on board, competent and ready to get the job done. Their professionalism and approach to development has made for a good experience thus far, along with the speed and accuracy of their work.
    Working with the Edvantis team over the past years has been a positive and productive experience. The delivery of the Edvantis engineers was first-rate and it was a pleasure to work with the team to develop extensive product improvements.