Edvantis in 2021: a Recap of our Achievements, Challenges, and Growth Plans

The year 2021 was exciting but challenging. We were hopeful that we’d be past the obstacles 2020 posed. But despite the remaining challenges, our outlook for the future remains positive. And our present results also instill greater optimism for future growth prospects.

  • We began our corporate transformation process in 2020 and became more flexible and resilient to change this year. 
  • Our teams fully adapted to remote working (which is a win-win for outsourcing).
  • The wide availability of vaccines once again allowed us to travel and meet up with people face-to-face. 
  • Finally, we safely met up and held an outdoor party to celebrate Edvantis’ birthday. Our company turned 16 this year! 

But some obstacles remained. 

  • Covid-19 still looms in the background. Thus, most of our people continue working from home. 
  • The IT hiring market got tough: the demand for software development services far exceeded the availability of talent.

Challenges are a suitable catalyst for growth, however. Despite talent shortages, we managed to attract more intelligent people to Edvantis. Our delivery staff now counts up to 240+ people. We also welcomed our 300th employee this month (including non-delivery employees).

So, we enter the new year with a positive attitude and eagerness to pursue further change per our mission statement.

How We Manifested Our Mission

We have chosen to continually deliver value in everything we do as a company and to everyone we deal with: our customers, employees, owners, and societies.

The changes and achievements in the following areas include:

  • Customers: Edvantis Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) reached 91% in 2021. We aim to be your partner in growth and treat your success as one of our highest priorities. And we plan to deliver even higher rates of satisfaction in 2022! 
  • Employees: Edvantis pays close attention to how employees feel about working for us personally and professionally. Therefore, we launched a new practice: an employee satisfaction survey. 
  • Owners: Edvantis’ year-over-year growth has been 21%. Edvantis has grown as a company in terms of revenue and size and improved the staff working conditions and quality of services. 

It was a productive year in how we fulfilled our mission, developed relationships with industry leaders, and got acknowledged by them.

New Awards and Memberships

This year, Clutch.co has named Edvantis as one of the top 15 best companies offering Staff Augmentation services. Based on the feedback obtained from the clients’, Clutch identified the world’s most innovative software development firms and IT services providers in their report. It is an honor for us to get recognition among the top vendors.


Our newly-acquired membership in the German-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AHK Ukraine) is another achievement we are proud of. This membership offers an excellent opportunity to build stronger economic ties between Germany and Ukraine. As a member of AHK Ukraine, we will help fulfill the potential of the Ukrainian IT sector and improve the overall business climate in Ukraine along with top industry players.

We are ending 2021 on a positive note — and hope to enter 2022 with the same major chords.

What’s Next for Edvantis?

2021 has become a year of repair and recovery. Many businesses that cut their budgets in 2020 were now in search of new opportunities for investments.

This new world has challenged us to find new solutions. With the skills and knowledge we gained while tackling challenges, we will be well-prepared for 2022.

We plan to make the coming year as positively transformative as the previous. Edvantis will continue to focus on increasing customer satisfaction, improving operational efficiency, keeping talent retention rates high, and driving successful partnerships.

Now that ugly Christmas sweaters are on, candies pile up on the tree, and everyone is in a festive and magical mood, we want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! May 2022 bring all the happiness, joy, and prosperity you deserve! 

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