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Scale Delivery Capacity

Reduce time-to-market and increase time-to-profit for new software products. After hiring a dedicated software development team, assembled according to your needs, and managed by Edvantis, you can take on new technical projects without worrying about team performance.


Managed Software Development Team

A plug-and-play dedicated IT development team, recruited in line with your needs, managed to minimize risks and maximize delivery pace. Ramp up your software development capabilities with a ready-to-perform delivery unit to gain extra operational speed and reduce time-to-market.

What you will receive:

  • Pre-planning session to assess your business needs
  • Right-sized team composition with the optimal skill sets
  • Proactive operational and managerial support
  • Fast and stable software delivery pace

How We Work

Get to the top of the software development productivity curve faster with Edvantis’ dedicated development team services. We provide streamlined team setup, onboarding, and operational support, while you focus on determining work priorities and project direction.

01. Initiation

The engagement begins with a comprehensive assessment of your capacity, operational, and technical needs. Edvantis will schedule a series of meetings to evaluate your operational readiness for integrating an outsourcing team. Together, we’ll formalize your baseline expectations and set a framework for meeting them.

02. SDLC Setup

After defining the reporting and communication procedures, we configure all the tools, systems, and environments at our end to mirror your setup or use our SDLC, polished on 400+ projects. To maximize productivity, we help you ensure the optimal role distribution, effective communication, and collaboration flows.

03. Team Ramp-Up/Down

As your project progresses, you can choose to upgrade or downgrade your managed team capacity or stack this service model with another offering. At Edvantis, we try to match your on-the-moment needs and accommodate changes at the rate the market demands for you to stay agile and efficient.

04. Monitoring

With relevant KPIs set forth, based on your team structure and current goals, we assume a supporting role of empowering your team to do their best work through facilitation, regular demo sessions, and an established CSAT process. So that you gain the maximum value from our partnership.

Is Managed Team The Right Outsourcing Model for My Case?

We recommend this option to clients with solid product expertise and sufficient capacity to handle work prioritization. From your end, we expect regular feedback on your project vision and consistent communication regarding critical decisions. You are responsible for formalizing what your team should focus on and when they need to get to action. At our end, we ensure that your team always matches your current needs, performs well, and delivers consistent results, as well as measurable ROI over time. Build-Operate-Transfer option is also available.

With a managed team model, Edvantis does most of the operational ‘heavy lifting’.

As a result, you benefit from:

  • Recommendations on the optimal team composition and project staffing
  • Streamlined administrative support during onboarding
  • Custom SDLS configuration, compatible with your internal processes
  • Identification of KPIs and regular reporting
  • Efficient team management to ensure a stable work pace

Benefits of Managed Team Service

Fast-Track To Productivity
Focus on your business priorities and project vision, while we ensure high-performance standards among the engineers.
Higher Project Predictability
Partner with a well-oiled team that consistently meets the quality standards, set forth by the project KPIs.
Reduced Project Risks
Benefit from a polished Edvantis delivery framework, acute technical advice, and managerial guidance, tested against 400+ projects.
Flexible Commitment
Start with 4 people for 3 months. Scale to a larger team as needed or switch to an alternative service model.
Increased Agility
Respond to changes in business priorities faster and pursue new opportunities with a rapidly scalable team of dedicated software developers.