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Development Services

We provide flexible ecommerce development solutions and consultancy services for retailers ready to explore new digital growth opportunities.

Payments background

Platform Development

The customers’ affinity for digital shopping has intensified. Ecommerce sales have surged 3-fold. Get your ecommerce website up-to-speed or launch a new storefront with our end-to-end ecommerce website development services. Our engineers can advise you on the optimal infrastructure solutions, scale your system architecture, and create new secure integrations with payment, logistics, analytics, and other business partners.


Ecommerce Custom
Software Development

Smarter operations, better customer experience. Edvantis can extend your ecommerce platform functionality and develop native platform components to streamline common business processes. Reduce dependencies on off-the-shelf solutions and increase your operational resilience. Delight customers with a stellar on-brand shopping experience across all channels. Empower line-of-business leaders to do their best work with new software modules.


Mobile Apps

Maintain a top-of-mind presence on the market by staying right at consumers’ fingertips. Simplify mobile ordering with a UX-friendly application. Introduce support for contactless mobile payments. Launch a branded app to retain and regain customers with hyper-personalized offers whenever they browse online or shop in-store. Use data science to conceptualize new data streams and obtain extra insights about your customers.


Ecommerce Legacy
Software Modernization

Legacy solutions hinder your growth and undermine customer experience. Migrate to newer codebases and modernize your ecommerce platform architecture with Edvantis’ help. Proactively eliminate technical debt to shift IT budgets from maintenance to innovation. Increase your website scalability to accommodate surged demand. Ensure business continuity by migrating to a new cloud setup, optimized for low costs and high resilience.  


Analytics Solutions

Consumers now expect personalization across all touchpoints with your brand. Optimize customer experience by exploring new data science use cases. Enable personalized product recommendations, upsells, and cross-sells to increase customer lifetime value. Enhance your planning with data science models, serving accurate demand forecasts. Increase your revenues by exploring new pricing models, backed by market data.

Why Now Is The
Time to Invest

in Ecommerce

The retail sector needs a digital reboot to cope with the new needs of the customers’ — ecommerce shopping, contactless in-store payments, simple mobile ordering, or digital-screen browsing. Reassess and re-imagine your ecommerce capabilities with Edvantis.

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Edvantis’ team was measured based on internal KPIs. Overall, they were committed to delivering high-quality work. The team is very skilled and experienced. They had little turnover, resulting in a smooth collaboration.
Robert Alvarez
CFO & COO, BigCommerce

Learn How We Helped
a Major Ecommerce
Platform Modernize
Legacy Code

After a series of technical acquisitions, our client — a SaaS ecommerce platform — was seeking additional expertise to assist with modernizing legacy software components, deploy new product features, and support several core platform components.

A team of 24 software developers and QA specialists was successfully integrated into the client’s SDCL and worked alongside the in-house teams on migrating complex legacy codebases, improving system’s performance, incorporating big data analytics, and deploying native ecommerce features for the platform.

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