Meet Our Leadership

Edvantis’ leadership team is united by several decades of IT experience, a deep commitment to operational excellence, and a strong zest for client success. Together, we are constantly working on improving our delivery capabilities, technical DNA, and strategic alignment. 

In addition to leading our company to success, Edvantis executive team also provides ad-hoc IT Advisory and IT Consulting Services.

Ruslan Zakharchenko
Chief Executive Officer
Yuliya Letnyanchyn
Chief Operating Officer
Roger Sturm
General Manager, Edvantis Germany
Tadeusz Piotr Płodzień
General Manager, Edvantis Poland
Roman Dovhan
Chief Strategy Officer
Halyna Verkholyuk
Director of People Operations Department
Vasyl Mukhar
Technical Director
Andriy Lyesjo
Director of IT Department
Svitlana Stetska
Director of Finance Department
Liubov Rudneva
Director of Marketing Department
Volodymyr Kobryn
Director of Administration & Facilities Department

Our Board of Directors

Our board members ensure that Edvantis sustains a sharp strategic vision, maintains high standards of operational efficiency, and effectively proceeds towards the established corporate goals. Together, we work on progressively raising the quality levels of the IT services we deliver.

Key priorities for our business:

  • Establish a strong governance model
  • Maintain high standards
  • Invest in our human capital
Myroslav Mykhalchuk
Chairman of the Board and Founder of Edvantis
Tetyana Huley
Board Member and Co-Founder of Edvantis
Ruslan Zakharchenko
Board Member and CEO
Edvantis is a PARTNER — not a vendor. Our clients are very satisfied, almost never leave after beginning work with us and depend on us to achieve their goals.
They’re able to come up with their own ideas to contribute to our aims. Their ability to communicate around the solution makes a huge difference.
Edvantis has been instrumental in most of our key deliverables for the past decade and are the only vendor that has established themselves as a strategic partner.
We’ve created a good partnership and I try to refer others to them. We haven’t faced any of the pitfalls associated with an overseas team.

Team Values

Customer Focus

We have strong listening skills and know how to deal with challenging customers politely, which makes it easy to meet customers’ needs effectively.


High quality of work standards, honesty, and integrity communicating effectively and appropriately for the workplace and always finding a way to be productive.


We are respectful and supportive of one another. We lead and learn from each other in service and knowledge.


It’s not only personal responsibility, it means being responsible for actions, and words, and taking responsibility for results and outcomes.


Innovation refers to exploiting new ideas, combining the ability to think creatively, problem-solving ability, and functional and technical abilities.