Meet Our Leadership

Edvantis’ leadership team is united by several decades of IT experience, a deep commitment to operational excellence, and a strong zest for client success. Together, we are constantly working on improving our delivery capabilities, technical DNA, and strategic alignment. 

In addition to leading our company to success, Edvantis executive team also acts as external consultants and provides ad-hoc IT Advisory and IT Consulting Services.

Ruslan Zakharchenko
Group CEO

Ruslan is a seasoned executive with decades of experience in the IT industry and is now serving as a CEO at Edvantis and Managing Partner at NP Consulting.

Before joining Edvantis in October 2019, Ruslan held various executive positions and was a Member of the Board of Directors in one of Ukraine’s top-ten IT outsourcing companies. During his last tenure as a CEO, the company effectively underwent several stages of business transformations, resulting in a 40% annual growth. His core areas of expertise include IT strategy, business model development, and change management.

Ruslan holds an Executive MBA from Kyiv Mohyla Business School and a Master’s Degree in Applied Mathematics from I. Franko National University, Lviv.

Yuliya Letnyanchyn

Yuliya is in charge of ensuring operational excellence and business strategy execution as the COO of Edvantis. In addition, Yuliya also serves as a Senior Consultant and Managing Partner at NP Consulting. 

Previously, Yuliya acted as a Chief Operating Officer at one of the largest IT outsourcing companies in Ukraine and managed the company’s end-to-end operations. During her tenure, the company achieved substantial and rapid growth thanks to her dedication to optimizing business processes and the implementation of systematic approaches to all company operations. As a former Director of Human Capital, Yulia also holds strong competency in management, corporate education, and HR.

Roger Sturm
General Manager, Edvantis GmbH

Roger Sturm has held executive-level positions as a banker, corporate treasurer, and health care entrepreneur. Following four years in Capital Markets at Deutsche Bank AG, Mr. Sturm joined the Daimler Group in the Stuttgart headquarters and later became the Treasurer of DaimlerChrysler UK Holding plc. As a Director at Delbrück & Co, Privatbankiers, Mr. Sturm was responsible for client acquisition in areas of corporate finance and private wealth management. Currently, Mr. Sturm is a board member in various organizations in the IT, and healthcare industry (Association of German Healthcare Executives and Gesundheitsstadt Berlin e.V. / Health City Association Berlin).

Tadeusz Piotr Płodzień
General Manager, Edvantis Sp. z o.o.

Tadeusz is a successful entrepreneur, lawyer, and general manager at Edvantis Sp. z o.o. His academic background includes a degree in law and administration from the Maria Curie-Sklodowska University of Lublin.


Throughout his career, Tadeusz has offered management support, legal services, and corporate governance to organizations in Poland, Ukraine, Belgium, and Romania. An extensive business background led him to cofound one of the largest law firms in Podkarpacie: Tokarczyk i Partnerzy Kancelaria Radców Prawnych i Adwokatów. Tadeusz is also a long-time member of the Supervisory Board of S.A.

Ihor Ohorodnyk
Director of Business Development

Ihor helps our customers gain the maximum value from their partnership with Edvantis and coaches other Account Managers to deliver superior service levels to our customers. Having worked as a Business Analyst for over a decade, Ihor exercises an analytical and problem-aware approach to analyzing the performance of different accounts and locating areas for further improvement. He also uses his strategic skillset to support new deals, monitor and analyze the changing market conditions, and customers’ priorities.

Previously, Ihor served as a Head of Business Analysis office in a top IT company, which he managed to grew by 40% under his leadership; acted as a Senior Analyst and Lead Business Analyst on an array of multi-national projects; and served as a Managing Partner in two companies. 

Halyna Verkholyuk
Director of People Operations Department

Halyna has spent the past 20 years, acquiring expertise in the HR departments of international and Ukrainian companies. For the past 8 years, she has been exclusively focused on developing HR strategies for IT companies. Her new project at Edvantis is ensuring smooth roll-out of the new workplace planning strategy, aligned to support Edvantis’ ambitious growth targets.

Halyna’s core competencies include organizational effectiveness, recruiting, compensation and benefits, employee motivation, learning and development, and succession planning among others. The one achievement she’s particularly proud of is the successful implementation of HR processes from the ground up to a level that allows sustainable management of a 3,000+ workforce.

Svitlana Stetska
Director of Finance Department

Svitlana is in charge of ensuring effective financial planning and forecasting process at Edvantis, as well as setting up financial and operational KPIs for the year. An experienced professional, with over a decade of accounting and financial experience gained at international companies, Svitlana handles all the internal and external accounting, tax, reporting, budgeting, and financial controlling operations. In her past roles, Svitlana has obtained extensive experience in financial analysis, budgeting, P&L management, financial planning, and financial reporting according to the IFRS standards during her tenure in the private and public sectors.

Andriy Lyesjo
Director of IT Department

Andriy has more than twenty years’ experience in the IT sector, with hands-on involvement in an array of larger-scale IT infrastructure projects. Motivated, analytical, and experienced, Andriy believes that every organization can build a modern, secure, and highly-available IT environment with the right team on its side. As the IT Department Head, he’s putting that vision into action and supports the implementation of ITIL standards and operational best practices within the company to ensure smooth service provisioning both internally and to our customers.

Before joining Edvantis, Andriy held the position of Operations Manager at one of the biggest Ukrainian IT companies. Within this role, he took an active part in implementing IT industry best standard practices such as SMS and ISMS, as well as helped the company obtain ISO20000-1 and ISO27001 certifications.

Volodymyr Kobryn
Director of Administration & Facilities Department

Volodymyr is the person to thank for setting up a comfortable corporate environment at Edvantis HQ in Lviv, as well as Edvantis Poland facilities. He’s responsible for establishing and maintaining high levels of employee wellbeing within our company, as well as taking care of proper facilities management, vendor relationship management, and management of the Poland legal & finance departments. Within his role, Volodymyr also doubles as a Compliance Manager, responsible for ensuring that all our process, functions, and overall organizational structure is compliant with the local workplace regulations. 

Previously, Volodymyr held positions of an Administrative and Commercial Department Director at one of the biggest hotel companies in Ukraine, a General Manager in a healthcare company, a founder and Commercial Director of a regional stock trading company.

They have an awesomely friendly company culture that makes a stable team possible over 4 years and counting!

Team Values

Customer Focus

We have strong listening skills and know how to deal with challenging customers politely, which makes it easy to meet customers’ needs effectively.


High quality of work standards, honesty, and integrity communicating effectively and appropriately for the workplace and always finding a way to be productive.


We are respectful and supportive of one another. We lead and learn from each other in service and knowledge.


It’s not only personal responsibility, it means being responsible for actions, and words, and taking responsibility for results and outcomes.


Innovation refers to exploiting new ideas, combining the ability to think creatively, problem-solving ability, and functional and technical abilities.