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Realize MVP development and custom software development projects with Edvantis. Co-creation, flexibility, and risk-sharing are the main advantages of this service model.


Fixed-cost Project
IT Outsourcing in Its Finest

Co-create your new software product with Edvantis: end-to-end IT project outsourcing service for clients who want a hands-free approach to development. 

Place Edvantis in the driver’s seat of your custom software development. Communicate your vision and let us handle the rest: team composition, optimal technology stack, and development methodology selection, and prompt delivery according to the timeline, scope, and budget. 

With minimal engagement at your end and most responsibilities on ours, you can focus on business development while we take care of the product side of things. 

What you will receive:

  • Feedback on your product vision and technical consultancy
  • Proven delivery framework to attain fast-time-to-market
  • Proactive communication and regular demos
  • Complete technical solutions developed up to specs
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How We Work

We proactively help you formalize your product vision and technical requirements, and then work towards matching all your expectations within the final product.

01. Requirements gathering & analysis

We can help you refine your product vision during an optional discovery phase where we perform analysis to understand your solution’s goals, scope, and limitations. These are formalized into a list of requirements. If you already did the groundwork, we study your desired specifications and provide a price quote.

02. Contract & delivery planning

Once we are fully aligned on the technical details, we finalize the scope of work that includes all the key milestones, timeline estimates, delivery schedule, and budget requirements. In addition, we also prepare all the supporting legal documents and agree upon a payment schedule. Our goal is to set the right expectations for the IT project upfront.

03. Development

The project team sets up an appropriate SDLC, performs workload distribution to the engineering talent, and continuously ramps up the delivery pace. A dedicated account manager reports to you on the delivery progress and resolves all the issues that you may have. You are always encouraged to join remote demos too.

04. User Acceptance Testing

Once the development is completed, we (Edvantis & the Client) run a series of acceptance tests to verify that the developed solution meets all the stated requirements. After the testing, we transfer the software and all supporting documentation to you. Your account manager will be in touch to discuss the follow-up steps.

Is Fixed-cost Project The Right Outsourcing Model for My Case?

Fixed-cost projects are an entry point to IT software outsourcing. This service model is particularly well-suited for first-time buyers as we also advise our clients on the different software development approaches, technology stack options, and tools to use. Beyond that, we assist with requirements clarification, scope formalization, and change management procedures. Though mature companies can also realize significant value from this type of fully delegated approach to software development.

However, it’s important to remember that the success of an outsourced project is a shared responsibility.

What we expect to receive from you during this engagement is:

  • Defined product vision and product requirements
  • Complete information on product functionality, critical features, and target personas
  • A positive attitude and aptitude to follow an established communication plan

Benefits of
Project Service Model

After 400+ successful projects, we have established a polished delivery framework that helps us minimize bottlenecks and maintain a fast development pace.
Product Co-Creation
Combine your domain knowledge and project vision with Edvantis technical excellence to receive a solution with high market and user adoption rates.
Proactive Technical Consultancy
Edvantis suggests the optimal tech stack for your product (open source and proprietary), plus proactively advises on different architectural approaches.
Minimum Efforts For Max Quality
We have an established set of operational procedures that helps us ensure that we fully understand your project requirements and can meet every one of them.
More Than Software Outsourcing
We strive to help our clients unlock more value from outsourcing via additional offerings such as product warranty, roll-out, and ongoing IT consultancy.
It’s hard to find a staffing company that’s willing to deliver a smooth partnership on top of assuring that you always work with high-quality resources.

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