December 24, 2020

Edvantis 2020 Year-End Recap: The Good, the Great, and the Better Ahead 

By many accounts, 2020 was extraordinary year, sending all industries on a wind-whirl of a journey.  But as most of us at Edvanits are already donning those *fantastic* Christmas sweaters, gorging on the festive candy, and looking ahead to all the presents, we’d like to focus more on the merry things that happened in 2020 at our company and lift the curtain a bit to our plans for 2021. 

December 15, 2020

Guide to Operational Risk Management in IT Outsourcing

Companies are increasingly using IT outsourcing services as part of overall capacity management strategy. This has brought up questions regarding the risks of outsourcing, and the benefits and challenges it presents. Learn how to proactively manage operational risks with a our four-step framework.

November 24, 2020

How to Manage Change Requests Effectively In IT Outsourcing

In software development, changes midway through the project's life cycle are nothing out of the ordinary and can arise for a variety of reasons, such as shifts in market trends and end-user demands. But to change requests need to formalized and well-managed. Or else you risk getting your project off-track. Learn how to create a strong change management process within your company from our new post.

November 13, 2020

How to Use Value Stream Mapping to Improve Your Software Development Process

oftware development projects turn more complicated as they scale. Increased collaboration between multiple teams (often geographically-dispersed) can lead to a greater degree of confusion, and subsequently — loss in productivity due to information asymmetry and knowledge gaps. If you’re looking for ways to tune up your development process and refine your product vision, value stream mapping (VSM) is a tool that can help.

October 30, 2020

The SDLC Process Explained: Key Phases and Methodologies

What is success? In most cases, it’s the result of taking smart, consecutive steps towards a clear goal. In software development, you have a ‘shortcut’ for achieving success — the SDLC process. Learn about the main steps of the SDLC, along with the core methodologies from our new blog post.

October 16, 2020

8 Essential IT Metrics To Track For Project Success

The pursuit of predictably in delivering projects made tracking agile software development metrics a standard practice for many executives and dev leaders. Undoubtedly, the right software metrics can give you insight into your team’s day-to-day performance, progress towards the final deliverables, and potential bottlenecks.  Learn how to select and right-size the optimal IT delivery metrics for your project.