Start Using Your Data

Create new data models backed by scientific approaches to improve operational decision-making and launch innovative software products.


Data Science

Leverage business data you didn’t even know you had. Enhance your decision-making with real-time insights and deploy new analytics and predictive models to augment your operations, customer experience, and ultimately — business offerings with Edvantis’ help.

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What you will recieve:

  • Access to expert data scientists with knowledge in academia & industry
  • A cost-effective way to test your assumptions and validate business hypotheses
  • Enhanced day-to-day decision-making capabilities, backed by data insights
  • Expand your product functionality with data science to delight end-users
Data Science experts

Industries That Benefit the Most from Data Science Expertise

Data science is the dual shortcut to knowing what your customers want and how your businesses can improve to deliver better on those needs.

Edvantis can help you make better sense of the fragmented data, stashed across your systems to help your business make more sound decisions. Whether you’d like to learn more about your customer’s price sensitivity, located areas of improvement in asset management, or create more personalized up-sell propositions, you’d find our data science specialists well fit for the challenge.

  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Logistics and Transportation
  • Healthcare

Where We Can Add Value

Augment your team with extra data science expertise at any stage of your project. Our scalable and flexible service models enable you to gain extra help at a short notice.

01. Pre-Planning

To determine where data science could enrich your operations, we can help you evaluate what can be realistically achieved with the data you own. Also, we’ll assess the state of your technical infrastructure maturity and assist with the necessary preparations for supporting the selected use cases.

02. Data Preparation

To discover hidden opportunities with your data, our data science specialists can join at the data preparation stage to help identify and consolidate all the data sources, fit for the stated purpose. Afterward, we cleanse and label the data to start the context extraction faster.

03. Modeling

To translate scattered data points into comprehensive insights, our team applies the most relevant data science methods (regression models, decision trees, linear and cluster models among others) to develop accurate models We also use different model training and validation techniques to ensure high accuracy.

04. Reporting

Benefit from the new stream of advanced analytics insights, along with data interpretations from our team. Continuously enhance your operational decision-making capabilities as the model performance improves.  Bring your analytics solution to the market with Edvantis’ flexible service model stack.

Benefits of

Competitive Edge
Pace ahead of your competition by augmenting your decision-making, operations, and customer-facing solutions with a steady stream of real-time insights. Stay at the forefront of innovations with our help.
On-Demand Scaling
Grow your data science team as your analytics needs evolve. Gain rapid access to skilled data science specialists that may not be available locally without the recruiting and administrative overheads.
Multidisciplinary Expertise
Prevent risks in pilot projects by combining your business knowledge with our data science teams’ expertise, acquired from scientific research and past industry projects. Receive stable models and predictable results.
Flexible Service Models
Augment your in-house team with our data science expertise or integrate data science talent as a managed team. At Edvantis, we offer stackable service models to meet the full scope of your technical needs.
Positive Return On Investment
Identify new value streams for end-customers and augment your business model. Clock in extra profits without majorly increasing the TCO of your data science projects, thanks to Edvantis’ high cost-to-value ratio.