IT Operations Services

Your managed IT operations team on 24/7 standby. Confidently scale your digital products with a dependable partner, in charge of your system’s reliability, stable performance, and technical support.

Keep IT risk to a minimum
Meet every SLA on time
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Our IT Operations Services

Edvantis can help you build, run, and maintain lean processes for IT infrastructure support, provisioning, and management. While your engineers focus on core product development, we take over ongoing IT infrastructure administration and IT operations consulting tasks. Improve your IT operation management and performance without doubling the load on your in-house teams.

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Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)

Take a closer look at your system health and find the root causes of your IT bottlenecks. Make product reliability your corporate strength with our acute advisory and proactive implementation of SRE principles. Streamline standard workflows with intelligent automation and Edvantis’ engineering expertise.

Site Reliability Engineering Services:

  • System performance assessment
  • System failure recovery and emergency support
  • Automated issue tracking and resolution
  • System administration toolkits development
  • Progress monitoring and notification systems setup
  • Database and infrastructure optimization
  • Assistance with product and services development

Technical Support

From helpdesk system setup to knowledge database management, Edvantis help you assemble a robust technical support function from the ground up (or modernize your existing processes and technologies). Speed up issue resolution times. Minimize operational downtime. Automate routine tasks and manual inefficiencies with Edvantis as your technical support partner.

Edvantis Level 2 and Level 3 IT Support workflows

Level 2 and Level 3 IT Support

Level 2 IT Support Services:

  • Level 1 request routing
  • Basic issues resolution
  • Integration and configuration troubleshooting
  • Client guides and instructions composition
  • Knowledge base creation

Level 3 IT Support Services:

  • System performance optimization
  • Expert-level troubleshooting
  • Root cause analysis
  • Feature request management
  • Support specialists mentoring
  • Issues escalation to developers
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DevOps Services

Deploy code frequently and efficiently to meet the evolving market conditions. Reign in the chaos during the release phase by adopting CI/CD and continuous testing (CT) practices. Our DevOps experts can help you with process improvement, workflow automation, and developer environment configurations.

  • CI/CD process implementation
  • Continuous testing adoption
  • Server orchestration
  • Release and deployment management
  • Network performance optimization
  • Infrastructure configuration management

How We Work

Our services are tailored to your IT operations shape and size. To achieve level-setting we have to complete the next steps together.

01. Pre-Engagement

Once you complete the client questionnaire, we schedule a meeting with your team. At this stage, our goal is to assess the current state of IT operations and find ways where we can add the most value. Tell us about your pressing shortcomings, ultimate goals, and possible constraints, so that we can better adapt our offerings.

02. Initiation

Together, we formalize the scope of work, detailing your objectives, current operations practices, project requirements, KPIs, in-scope and out-of-scope tasks, and budget. Based on these factors, we’ll recommend the optimal service delivery model: Staff Augmentation or Managed Team.

03. Onboarding

The engagement starts once we sign contractual documents, enclosing all details about our partnership. A signed SOW marks the beginning of the actual work. We facilitate IT operations specialists’ onboarding and ensure that they seamlessly integrate into your project and get productive fast.

04. Collaboration

Now we are getting down to actual work. Our team will regularly check-in with you to get re-aligned on your current operational priorities. We expect forthcoming communication about your changes in priorities, so that we can put forward the necessary team scaling plans on our end.

The feedback we got about the quality of their work was so positive. It was really amazing, and I would not have anticipated such positive feedback from the whole team.

Why Choose Edvantis for Your IT Operations

With over a decade of experience, Edvantis has cultivated a culture of technology preeminence, unapologetic transparency, and sharp customer focus. Our flexible service models, meshed with a mature delivery framework, help us build strong synergistic relationships with our partners — and deliver end-customer excellence on their behalf. Learn more about how we work.

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