Corporate Social Responsibility at Edvantis

At Edvantis, we believe that every small step helps us cover incredible distances.

That’s why every day we do everything we can to improve the lives of those close to us and make the communities we live in a better place.

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Our Impact on Community Involvement and Development

Helping Children

In February, Edvantis collaborated with Community organization “3D – Davai Dopomozhemo Ditiam” (Let’s Help Children) to raise funds for organization of the Christmas camp for kids from orphanages. Our specialists also participated in educational and leisure activities for children to support their socialization and values development processes.
In June, we organized two charity initiatives dedicated to this year’s Children’s Day to help kids in difficult circumstances. We have cooperated with Municipal Institution of the Lviv Regional Council — Rozdil Children’s Boarding House and Dobrodiy Club to provide kids with various necessities.
In August, Edvantis provided orphanages and volunteering centers in Lviv with necessary electronic equipment for children to be able to receive home schooling and to continue their education through technology, that is so vital for their future.

Helping Our Country

Our strength lies in unity! That is why, during the full-scale war, Edvantis and our employees are constantly supporting the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) and humanitarian initiatives. All this time, we have been providing fuel for humanitarian aid carriers and established the delivery of humanitarian aid and medicines from Nice on a regular basis. We also:

  • Purchased and delivered equipment to the frontlines — 50 thermal imagers, 22 drones, 3 Starlink systems with subscriptions;
  • Hosted a fundraising campaign in the US — more than 2000 bulletproof vests, 100 Kevlar helmets;
  • Organized a shelter in the office for refugees who need hemodialysis — 80 people;
  • Helped equip a shelter for patients from the Kharkiv psychiatric hospital — more than 200 people.

What we have already managed to do:

The Stabilization Fund

Edvantis hosts a Stabilization foundation, sustained by employees’ contributions. Money is then used to purchase equipment and provide financial assistance to AFU.

$150,000 +

Donations and Volunteering Activities

In addition, our employees also raise funds for the army support and various volunteering activities to help compatriots who find themselves in a difficult situation due to war.

$65,000 +

Our Impact on Cultivating
Good Labor Practices

Psychological Support for Our Employees

There has been a war in our country for almost half a year now, and each of us reacts differently to the circumstances. Aiming to take care of the emotional state of our employees, we have launched the Mental Health Program divided into two parts.

The first part is a series of webinars ‘Emotions amidst the War’ where Edvantis people had a chance to talk to renowned Ukrainian psychotherapists about their mental and emotional problems caused by the Russian invasion.

The second part includes individual consultations for all employees with psychologists.

  • 4 “Emotions amidst the War” webinars with psychotherapists
  • 4 individual psychological consultations for all employees per year

Cultivation of a New Generation of Specialists

As part of our efforts to promote the IT industry, we help individuals who strive to enter the tech workforce but need additional guidance. We have a lot to be proud of because this year we’ve hosted our second internship launch.

During the monthly course, students and junior developers gained the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical cases at our Python and React Internships.

Thanks to the help of our mentors, the participants gained valuable experience, and those who showed the best results got a great opportunity to join the company’s projects.

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Our Support of Human Rights

At Edvantis, we work to create the respectful working environment for all our people.
To ensure this, we are following two important principles:


Equal Opportunities and Anti-Discrimination

We believe in fostering an environment of diversity and equality by respecting people for who they are and ensuring that there is no discrimination, abuse, or harassment.

We encourage Edvantis employees to not participate in any of the below-mentioned actions:

  • Physical contact, remarks, or gestures that are unwelcome
  • Spreading derogatory, offensive, or sexually explicit pictures or other materials online or by email
  • A derogatory or offensive joke (explicit or innuendo)
  • Verbal or physical abuse
  • Threats

Safety and Health

Security and health policies are part of Edvantis’ commitment to a safe and healthy working environment. In order to ensure our employees’ health and well-being, we follow the following steps:

  • We offer basic health insurance to all Edvantis employees
  • In the office, all necessary precautions are taken to prevent COVID-19 from spreading (masks, disinfection, and social distancing)
  • The company provides vaccines from Covid and encourages Edvantises to get vaccinated
  • Until the pandemic is resolved, we encourage and allow employees to work remotely

Our Fair Operating Practices

We Value Legal Compliance

Edvantis takes great efforts to maintain fair operating practices by complying with laws, regulations, and social norms. During our 16 years in the outsourcing business, we have cultivated several principles that define our work.


We place the highest priority on complying with laws in our business relationships.


We carry on our business in good faith.


We do not associate with antisocial forces, organizations, and groups that threaten the social order and security of civil society.


We respect the free competition.


We do not attempt to obtain information by inappropriate means or use the information without permission from its owners.


Our Organizational Governance

Organizational governance at Edvantis is based on the principles of transparency, accountability, ethics, respect for the rule of law, respect for international behavioral standards, respect for the interests of stakeholders, and respect for human rights.

German-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Since November 2021, our company has become a member of the German-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AHK Ukraine). From now on, we will be able to take an even more active role in forging tighter economic ties between Germany and Ukraine. This membership gives us yet another opportunity to showcase the full potential of the Ukrainian IT sector and improve the overall economic climate in collaboration with top-notch businesses.

German Outsourcing Association

Since September 2020, Edvantis has become a corporate member of the German Outsourcing Association, one of the biggest networks for ITO and BPO professionals and organizations in Europe. The membership opened new business opportunities and gave better access to market information as well as expert knowledge and skills, which allowed us to better evaluate and implement ITO projects. This step also brought benefits to our German-speaking clients by helping us to stay on top of the growing needs and realities of the DACH (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland) market.

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