The Payments Landscape Has Changed: It’s Time to Catch Up

All businesses dealing with money have a growing set of technical jobs to be done if they want to stay competitive and gain an economic uplift.

Payment Software Solutions

Terminal Management Suite

Augment your terminal network management capabilities with custom software modules. Deploy new applications, introduce extra parametrization of supported operations and increase efficiency with third-party API integrations and custom analytics solutions.

Payment Service Provider (PSP)

Introduce customizable digital payment experiences for recurring billing, subscription, and invoicing. Enable your customers to accept cross-currency, crypto, and QR code payments. Our team helps develop PCI DSS compliant software for secure, scalable payment processing.

POS Software Integrations

Tighter integrations between your POS, CRM, inventory, merchandising, and marketing systems to help connect the dots on your customer journeys. Consolidate your business data and customer insights within a data warehouse to move from chaos to clarity.

Payment Security Standards

Omnichannel sales boost profits, but also increase the necessary security perimeter. Stay compliant with the latest PCI-requirements and protect your payment systems against unauthorized chargebacks, card-not-present fraud, POS hacking, and pagejacking.

Mobile POS

Convenient, chargeable, and cloud-connected mPOS systems enable you to conduct business from anywhere. With enhanced security and paperless check-out coming as added-value, mPOS can save your business both floor space and implementation costs.

Cloud POS Solutions

Retire your costly legacy systems in favor of agile cloud-based solutions that can scale along with your business. Reduce TCO and accelerate the adoption of new payments, analytics, sales, and marketing solutions, accessible from a single interface.

Industries That
Can Benefit
the Most
a New Payment

Secure and scalable payment infrastructure is a staple for every company — no matter what industry you are in. Edvantis’ technical expertise and tested software delivery frameworks can complement your domain knowledge to result in new payment software solutions. Together, we have co-created payment software solutions for the following industries:

  • Hospitality
  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Transportation
  • Food and Restaurants
  • Smart Cities
  • Entertainment
  • Warehousing
Edvantis is always friendly and listens well. We also have good communication with management. We’re happy to partner with them.

Learn More About
Our Experience in Payments

Edvantis and Modulsystem Sweden AB jointly delivered a connected portable conductor device and ticketing POS app for Greater Stockholm Local Transit Authority.

Storstockholms Lokaltrafik AB (SL, or Greater Stockholm Local Transit Company) is a city-owned public transit company, providing all land transportation services in Stockholm County. Every day, SL serves over 2.8 million passengers, traveling on bus, metro, tram, and suburban rail lines.

We have helped SL meet all the governmental requirements and pioneer a new, connected ticketing device, offering a top-notch experience to passengers and conductors.

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Case Study Modul-System