Doing The Work,
the Edvantis Way

Our goal is to be our customers’ most trusted software development partner. Supporting consultant or full-stack provider, at Edvantis we match our resources with your initiatives to build win-win partnerships.

Stackable Services
Transparent Terms
Win-Win Partnership

How We Partner With Your Company

We place singular focus on your needs and goals, but success in software development is a shared responsibility. Make more informed operations decisions by understanding the commitments at each stage of our cooperation.

1. Pre-engagement

1. Pre-engagement

To suggest the optimal route for collaboration and minimize the risks for both parties, we conduct a holistic analysis session, aimed at understanding the scope of your needs and technical jobs-to-be-done. Operating by the principles of integrity and honesty, we provide a transparent assessment of the project’s feasibility.


Provide us with:

  • Project vision & goals
  • Preliminary technical requirements
  • Expected scope of work
  • Any extras to learn more about your needs


Analyze the provided information to:

  • Identify the risks and blockers to success
  • Suggest the optimal team composition
  • Estimate the project timeline & budgets
  • Schedule follow-up discussions
2. Service Model Selection

2. Service Model Selection

During the subsequent meetings, we’ll introduce you to different service models and suggest the optimal option for the engagement, according to your needs. Still, we remain highly flexible and provide an opportunity to down- or up-scale your capacity needs at any point in the engagement or stack one service model with another.


  • Supply extra data about your business needs
  • Prepare a preliminary project roadmap (can be co-created)
  • Comment on any timeline/budgetary constraints


  • Explain the scope and benefits of each service model
  • Suggest the optimal skill sets and expertise for the project
  • Conduct extra discovery sessions (if needed).
3. Proposal

3. Proposal

Once we gain a 360-understanding of your business needs, we finalize our proposal and send it over to you for review. We specify the main value proposition, transparently explain the scope, timelines, and terms we can commit to based on the provided budget. In addition, we assess the possible risks and develop a plan for mitigating them.


  • Carefully review the proposal terms
  • Reach out for any clarifications


  • Provide timely replies to any extra queries
  • Remain open to further negotiations
4. Engagement Kick-Off

4. Engagement Kick-Off

With the proposal accepted we move on to preparing the supporting documents for our partnership — finalized statement of work (SoW) agreement, master service agreement (MSA), payment schedule, estimates for the development execution, and pre-approved overview of the technology stack.


  • Review and approve all the provided documents
  • Ensure that all stakeholders are aligned on the decision-making process
  • Provide access to the required systems and tools to our team
  • Set up an SDLC and create Sprint plans (can be a shared commitment)


  • Assign a dedicated account manager to you
  • Develop a communication plan and issue escalation procedures
  • Prepare local environments for development and testing (if needed)
  • Mirror your SDLC setup or propose ours
5. Co-creation

5. Co-creation

While the scope of Edvantis engagement varies depending on the selected service model, our team remains proactively present to resolve any operational, communication, or team performance issues. At every stage of our journey, we remain lean to changes and eager to help you discover more value from your engagement.

Our Service Models

Scoped, yet flexible, our service models can be right-sized to your current needs, and stacked together to scale your technical capacities.