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Embrace a digital-first strategy to accelerate business growth, meet dynamic customer needs, and uncover new revenue streams. Our MBA-trained IT consultants can help you get operationally ready for outsourcing partnership, introduce process automation, and modernize your technology infrastructure. With an in-depth understanding of your business context, tech landscape, and goals, we can offer a comprehensive roadmap for your digital success.

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IT Consulting & Operational

Set a staunch baseline for IT outsourcing partnerships

A professional IT outsourcing partnership isn’t all about discussing your strategy for cutting-edge, buzzwordy technology adoption — it’s about getting the basics of collaboration right. Сlear responsibility boundaries, operational alignment, and proactive expectation management stand at the core of every win-win partnership. Our IT consulting services are designed to get all of these elements right before service delivery begins.


What is IT Consulting?
Edvantis’ Vision

IT Consulting is an umbrella term for different advisory services you can obtain for your IT function, ranging from assistance with new software adoption to wider strategic planning activities for new systems’ design and support.

At Edvantis, our vision is more narrow: as a company, providing IT consulting services, we focus on operational benchmarking — measuring your readiness for outsourcing and then recommending necessary improvements. This way we can set up a strong baseline for cooperation prior to delivering IT services.

What you will receive:

  • Operational assessment of your IT function
  • Advisory on optimal service models and collaboration terms
  • Integration and onboarding roadmap for you and the IT vendor
  • Strategies for risk minimization and better alignment
  • Knowledge for leading, managing, and scaling the engagement
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How We Work

IT consulting services are part of every new client engagement, but their scope differs depending on your operational maturity and past experiences with IT outsourcing. As an IT advisory company, our goal is to help each client (no matter their starting point) arrive at the optimal levels of IT outsourcing readiness.

01. Infrastructure and Core Processes Evaluation

To chart the optimal path forward we need to first establish the baseline. Virtually or in-person, we conduct a series of assessments to evaluate your as-is project infrastructure and main business processes for supporting, managing, and leading efficient collaboration with an IT vendor.

02. Collaboration Strategy Ideation

Based on the earlier assessments we benchmark your current readiness and provide reports on strategic gaps — areas that can undermine or derail the engagement success rates. Together, we ideate the optimal strategy for moving forward and provide you with recommendations for maximizing the value of the next project.

03. Cross-Mapping Service Model to Your Strategy

Based on the intake project information, we identify which service model would best fulfill these needs. Edvantis service models are flexible, yet well scoped, meaning we can guarantee high project success rates only when our clients are determined to address the identified gaps in the strategic partnership roadmap.

04. Communication Strategy Development

To support faster alignment, we create a joint communication plan to hold us both accountable for making progress towards better alignment. Regular, transparent communication, as a part of our IT consulting services, helps us identify bottlenecks early on and strategize alternative paths to reaching the desired to-be state of collaboration.

Why We Made IT Consulting a Core Element of Delivery Process

Purchasing IT services is hard as there are no clear-cut standards when it comes to service scopes and boundaries, delivery models, and industry-wide quality standards. Whether you are a new or an experienced IT outsourcing buyer, you’re likely wondering: How do information technology consulting services work and how will this engagement go down the road? We want to give you this answer before the service delivery even begins.

Vendor selection is a two-sided process. You assess our capabilities and service levels. As a company with IT consulting companyWe determine whether your project vision is sound and actually doable. By hashing out all the expectations upfront and calling out the weaker link, we can ensure that when it comes down to actual work, no operational blockers or communication mishaps would stand in the way.

What we expect from you during our engagement is:

  • Strong support and commitment on the Managerial level
  • Proactive communication and knowledge sharing on your business objectives
  • Willingness to act and collaborate on the necessary operational changes
  • Determination to cultivate an ongoing win-win partnership

Benefits of IT Consulting Service

Our team helps you navigate all the complexities of outsourcing partnership setup to improve strategic oversight of the engagement and minimize operational risks
With our operational benchmarking and targeted recommendations, you can rapidly complete the operational preparations for commissioning IT services
By investing more time into the “getting to know you” stage, we can come up with the optimal service delivery process for predictable results
Instead of impressing you with an “anything is possible” attitude, we focus on being transparent about the limitations or viability of certain business decisions
We continue to support you throughout our collaborations to achieve even better operational synergy and accelerate the pace, quality, and scope of our partnership
It’s hard to find a staffing company that’s willing to deliver a smooth partnership on top of assuring that you always work with high-quality resources.

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