Gain the Knowledge You Need
to Move Forward

Gain the operational insights you need to achieve your goals. We perform analysis of the as-is situation and create a blueprint for the desired to-be state. Edvanits can assist you in unlocking trapped value within your organization, embracing digitalization, and navigating in a fast-paced business environment.

Executive IT Advisory

Edvantis C-level representative(s) can sit down with you directly at the CEO/CTO/CXX level to discuss the challenges you are facing. We analyze the impact of technology on your business and propose sustainable growth strategies, rather than attempt digitalization merely for the sake of “digitalization”. To follow-up and monitor the newly-developed strategy implementation, we advise holding monthly advisory board meetings to track the progress on the charted course.

Our systematic advice is tailored specifically to your business goals, operations structure, and future vision. Leverage our experience and proven frameworks to street your business in the desired direction.

IT Consulting

Business transformations are prone to a variety of costly pitfalls and risks. We at Edvantis are committed to helping you achieve the set outcome with minimal setbacks.  

Our IT Consulting Service is a 2-stage process:

  • IT Strategy and Operations Audit
  • Report presentation, featuring key findings and recommendations on the next steps

Our goal is to help your tech-led company stay on track towards your objectives.

Is IT Advisory The Right Outsourcing Model for My Case?

Executive IT Advisory and IT Consulting services work best for companies seeking structural transformations above all else. Therefore, this service model suits both mature companies and newly founded entities. As consultants, we draw a blueprint for reaching the desired to-be state and propose several technological strategies for reaching your aspirations. Further, we can assist with the implementation of selected solutions.

Beyond advisory, Edvantis can additionally assist you with all your tech needs and support your business on every stage of the company lifecycle — from ideation to co-creation.

Transition to another service model (Staff Augmentation, Managed Team, or Managed Project) to effectively follow-up with the execution part, carried out by a team that is fully aligned with your goals.

What we expect from you during our engagement is:

  • Strong support and commitment on the Managerial level
  • Reassurance that every stakeholder follows through on the proposed steps
  • Deep determination and focus on the fundamental changes
  • Provision of sufficient resources for implementing the proposed blueprint

How We Work

We look one step ahead than the closest future and one level deeper than the surface, gauging your current operational state and recalibrating it towards the desired to-be state.

01. Introductory Meeting

Virtual or in-person, the goal of an introductory meeting is to help us gain a better sense of how your business moves right now and where you want to arrive next. Be prepared to share your current concerns and operational difficulties that you’d like to address. At this stage, we need the most input from you, so that together we could formalize your vision, objectives, and key milestones.

02. Interviews & Analysis

After defining the initial scope of targeted action, our team will schedule a series of meetings with key stakeholders to collect their insights and perspectives on the outlined matters. We’ll also drill down into the data and supporting materials that you feel comfortable providing. Edvantis consultants operate under strict security standards and treat the obtained sensitive information with a high level of confidentiality.

03. Blueprint Creation

Once we have a systematic understanding of your company’s current situation, we’ll work towards determining the most effective remedy for the weak areas in your systems, process, operations, and technology. All of the findings and recommendations will be organized into a blueprint — an executive document specifying the target action you should pursue to rectify your shortcomings and meet your goals.

04. Delivery and Support

As the last step, we host a presentation of all the recommendations, transfer extra materials, and answer any additional questions you may have. To facilitate change management, our consultants can also form the agenda for your next Advisory Board meetings and take an active part in the discussion. Follow-up meetings are a recommended step for ensuring that your company gains the maximum value from the suggested solutions.

Benefits of IT Advisory

Hands-on approach
Edvantis consultants facilitate meetings with your executive team to improve the strategic oversight of your business and help overcome resistance to change.
Accelerated learning
With our guidance and frameworks, you can rapidly identify the areas for improvement in your operations, services, or business model and execute corrective actions.
Continuous support
We can provide subsequent technological support and organize consultations with our top experts so that you could act fast on the provided recommendations.
Comprehensive offering
As an end-to-end IT services provider, offering stackable service models, Edvantis can also help you co-create the solutions outlined in your tech blueprint.
Risk minimization
We help identify the critical areas to address and apply targeted action towards them so that you could scale faster without magnifying operational risks.