Discovery for Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems Company

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Edvantis led a discovery phase to help a storage and retrieval systems company develop new software for one of their products

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About the Company

Kardex Remstar is a division of Kardex Holding AG, a global industry partner for intralogistics solutions and a leading supplier of automated storage solutions and material handling systems. Kardex Remstar specializes in the development, production, and maintenance of dynamic storage and retrieval systems.

With a workforce of approximately 2,100 employees across more than 30 countries, Kardex is committed to delivering high-quality solutions. Since 1989, Kardex Holding AG has been listed on the Swiss SIX Stock Exchange, solidifying its position as a trusted and reputable company.


With a vision to improve their product’s software capabilities, Kardex Remstar has launched a new IT project but needed a partner who could validate and estimate their complex technical requirements. As a first step to ensuring a successful product launch, the company had to confirm its assumptions, define software specs, and capture them in a formalized roadmap.

Kardex attempted to engage another company to define the project requirements, but the vendor failed to initiate the process. Therefore, the company contacted Edvantis to swiftly and effectively lead a discovery phase.


Edvantis conducted a discovery phase with the aim of clarifying development requirements. Initially, Kardex outlined the expectations in a Statement of Work (SOW). Edvantis then organized a series of workshops with the client’s team to extract knowledge about the existing product and gather expectations for the new development.

Due to the COVID-19 situation, we arranged workshops online. First, the Kardex team provided a demonstration of the current product, and then we held 3-4 workshops in 2 months.

Throughout the process, Kardex provided valuable feedback, allowing Edvantis to create a comprehensive mind map of the requirements. In the end, Edvantis delivered a written document summarizing the outcomes of these workshops.

“Edvantis was well-organized. They were very structured with their work, and the interaction was very good. We had a weekly call between two people from our side and two from theirs.”

Robert Tingaud, Formerly Senior Director SW & Controls Development, Kardex Remstar
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While traditional metrics were not applicable, the speed and quality of feedback, along with the high caliber of the delivered project documentation, were telling of Edvantis’ impact.

The client emphasized Edvantis’ engagement and proactiveness during the workshops that allowed Kardex Remstar to get a well-structured and well-defined project requirements document needed for software product enhancement.

What set them apart from other involved companies was that they were very engaged in the discussion and proactive in the workshops. They asked the right questions and understood our problems.

Robert Tingaud, Formerly Senior Director SW & Controls Development, Kardex Remstar
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Kardex Remstar’s collaboration with Edvantis carved a path to innovation that was layered with precision, involvement, and expertise—ensuring that the subsequent development phases were primed for success.

They were engaged and wanted to solve our problems. They were also very reactive and fast in providing documents and inputs.

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