Staff Augmentation Services for a Digital Video Personalization Company

Edvantis helped a digital video personalization company improve their ad insertion platform that enables broadcasters to monetize media content through personalized ad experience

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About the Client

Nowtilus is a digital video personalization company offering a solution for monetization of media streaming content through personalized advertising via their platform


The client required advanced software development services to improve their existing dynamic ad-insertion platform. Having received a considerable strategic investment from a leading French advertising technology company, Nowtilus contracted Edvantis to supply the demand of qualified software development resources fitting the current and forecasted project’s needs.

Main Goals

The primary objectives of initiating the collaboration with Edvantis were as follows:

  • Extend product’s functionality with new features to correspond with customers needs. 
  • Enhance the security posture of the client’s software platform according to remarks received during a security audit. 
  • Reduce the technical debt that had accumulated over time, thereby facilitating easier maintenance and future development.

Technologies Used

Node.js; React, Moleculer, Go, Typescript; MongoDB, Redis, Kubernetes, Azure


Three software developers were assigned to the Nowtilus project. The following solutions were implemented by Edvantis team:

  • Technical Debt Resolution: Edvantis’ main priority was addressing the technical debt that impeded the platform’s performance. This significant effort spanned the first six months of the engagement. 
  • Security Enhancement: As a result of in-depth security efforts, including penetration testing and improvements, Edvantis uplifted the SSAI Pentest rating from D to A+, showcasing a dramatic strengthening of the platform’s security system. 
  • Streamlining Development Process: Edvantis established an efficient software development life cycle (SDLC) including implementation of DevOps practices to streamline deployment cycles. 
  • Authorization and Authentication: Edvantis remodeled the platform’s authorization and authentication processes, aligning them with the best practices as recommended by Auth0. 
  • User Interface (UI) Leadership: An Edvantis expert was appointed as the UI lead to fortify the platform’s UI/UX design, aiming for an intuitive and user-friendly interface that enhances customer satisfaction and engagement.

Throughout these phases, the Edvantis team also contributed to the overall product improvement, the optimization of cost efficiency, and the acquisition of new customers.


Edvantis’ involvement not only rectified the immediate hurdles like security and technical debt but also contributed to the development of a more secure, performance-tuned product that met the client’s and their customers’ expectations.

“With Edvantis team augmentation, we hit the ground running and were able to achieve the ambitious goals we set for our dynamic ad insertion platform”

Ron Wertlen, Senior Director of Engineering, Nowtilus
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