Our Main Areas of Technical Expertise
In Industrial Automation

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Custom Software

Edvantis engineering team could help you create new HMI (Human Machine Interface) products as well as custom software modules to improve personnel interactions with the main PLC control system. We have significant knowledge of control systems programming (IPC, PLC, SCADA), as well as current development platforms. Upgrade existing industrial automation solutions or introduce new software to improve your team’s operations.


IoT Solutions

The modern factory produces huge volumes of data, courtesy of connected systems, smart sensors, and other types of Industrial IoT solutions. Unlock new value drivers by integrating equipment data into your operational systems to monitor, control, and optimize asset performance from a single control point. Attain better cross-device connectivity to automate repetitive processes, improve operational efficiency, and minimize errors.


Legacy System

Legacy PLC setups no longer suffice to support the speed and accuracy of production. Introduce more comprehensive process automation of rule-based machine functions to increase operational efficiency. Streamline common operations within the production lines to achieve savings. Leverage Edvantis’ PLC programming expertise to reprogram your legacy software without disrupting the manufacturing process.


Asset Management

Asset-intensive companies can waste a lot of productive time on physical monitoring of inventory levels, spare parts ordering, and warehousing operations. Gain better visibility and control over all your supply chain processes with custom assessment management solutions. Implement RFID-based tracking to improve stock management accuracy and efficacy. Automate MRO inventory management to prevent costly downtime.

The Benefits
of Custom Industrial

Orchestrate a low-waste manufacturing process by optimizing manual processes, full-proofing failure-prone operations, and introducing user-friendly HMI for your personnel.

Operational Cost
Edvantis has a team of highly skilled developers that always delivers high-quality work. With teammates around the globe, they’re able to stagger when they’re working on certain tasks, decreasing development time. Participating in standups, they’ve integrated with the internal team.
Director of Engineering, Energy Company

Learn More About Our Industrial Engineering

For the past 7 years, Edvantis has been helping a leader in threat detection and security screening solutions bring new software solutions to the market and modernize their existing offerings.

Our team was selected to maintain, support, and upgrade a software stack for the company’s five main software products, designed for land border crossings and seaport terminals.

Together, we implemented a 200X faster image processing speed for security scans, performed essential legacy software upgrades, and launched a cloud-based interactive prototype for new systems among other projects.

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