Ticketing Software Development for a Public Transport Software Vendor

Edvantis helped ATRON Systems Sweden AB develop ticketing system software compliant with Swedish payment and ticketing standards.

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About the Company

ATRON Systems is a European market leader in software and hardware solutions for the public transport industry. Its branch, ATRON Systems Sweden AB, previously used their ticketing solution. However, in recent years Samtrafiken – a joint venture of the public transport authorities in Sweden – introduced a new ticketing and payment standard–Biljett- och Betalstandar (BoB).


ATRON Systems Sweden AB urgently needed technical assistance to achieve compliance with the changes and contacted Edvantis because we had immediately available engineers, who were familiar with the new standard.

“Edvantis is currently supporting ATRON Systems Sweden AB in the area of public transport with the integration of the Swedish ticketing standard BoB. Within the current cooperation, Edvantis has distinguished itself through professionalism, reliability and adherence to schedules.” 

Juergen Goldmann, director of business operations at ATRON Systems Sweden

Overview of the BoB Standard

The BoB standard was introduced to create seamless ticketing and payment for Swedish public transport. Its purpose is to: 

  • Improve interoperability between different public transport authorities
  • Achieve unification of machine-readable mobile ticket issuing systems
  • Enable the aggregation of tickets from multiple transport companies into a single ticket

Technologies Used 

Java11, Quarkus, Hibernate, PostgreSQL, Kafka


After scoping the project, Edvantis provided a tech lead and four backend developers. The team was briefed to create BoB-compatible backend architecture, using an existing software engine.

Edvantis took the following steps:

  • Created a backend engine following the BoB mobile ticket specifications
  • Conducted integration testing for comprehensive quality assurance on all ticketing features 
  • Adapted the Client’s previous CI/CD pipeline to better support the new backend solution.

Further, the Edvantis team integrated a number of APIs into the ticketing system, enabling:

  • interoperability between different hardware systems according to predefined rules 
  • creation of product price lists 
  • ticket orders and verification using electronic signatures 
  • management of updated information in the Participant Meta Database Device to provide protection against copying 
  • a ticket validation device able to submit completed inspection reports 
  • management of the new backend engine


The BoB standard, an innovative concept in the public transport market, continues to evolve in terms of requirements. The rapid set up of the project by Edvantis made ATRON Systems the front runner among other public transport authorities in the Swedish market. 

The backend engine can be used for interfaces of any ticketing device in public transport, such as purchasing tickets through unattended terminals, conductor-attended handheld devices, mobile apps, or websites.

Edvantis has been able to cope with our demands in a short time. They’ve raised the right questions, which means they know what they’re talking about.

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