Application Modernization and Development of New Features for a Major Ecommerce Platform

Edvantis helped a Software as a service (SaaS) ecommerce platform modernize their legacy architecture, deliver superior service levels, and delight their 60,000+ clients with advanced product functionality

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The client was ready for a major new step in their product development journey. After adding a new application to their portfolio through a tech acquisition, they were seeking an experienced software development team to improve the existing product.

Main Goals 

  1. Ensure regular maintenance of several existing applications
  2. Improve customer satisfaction with the original system’s performance
  3. Adapt and migrate the legacy codebase to a new technology stack and architecture
  4. Outsource support for several core platform components

Technologies Used 

PHP, MySQL, AngularJS


Edvantis provided the client with a right-sized and right-skilled engineering team during the aggressive initial product roadmap implementation stage. Later, we took on the additional responsibility of integrating third-party payments into the platform.

“We effectively integrated Edvantis engineers with our internal team and measured them using the same KPIs. During the project, they proved to be extremely hardworking, took ownership of the deliverables, and showed strong commitment. As the project grew, they became more and more involved. It’s clear they thrive on challenges and are eager to resolve them – a rare trait in other teams I’ve worked with.”

CFO & COO of the Ecommerce Company

Three separate Edvantis teams worked on the project for more than four years, alongside in-house resources. At different stages of the project, between 30 and 50 software developers and quality assurance (QA) engineers contributed to several of the client’s projects, from modernizing legacy software modernization to new ecommerce feature deployments. 

During Our Partnership, We Performed: 

  • Code updates and migration of the company’s core product components to a modern tech stack. The components were related to customer management, product management, and big data analytics. 
  • End-to-end back-office internalization and localization to Chinese, Ukrainian and French languages — from technical architecture design to complete implementation that also included collaboration with third-party translation companies. 
  • Development of a new application that allowed the client to replace third-party products with native app features. 

Every team successfully adjusted to the rapid pace of delivery suggested by the client’s SDLC and based on continuous delivery (CD). Despite the demanding environment and rapid time-to-market, Edvanits engineers remained fully-integrated with the in-house team. Our people love to be challenged!


With the help of Edvantis engineers, the client managed to deploy new robust ecommerce features and attract a new cohort of international sellers to their platform. They also gained an organic and dynamic extension to their team, capable of working remotely at a high-pace while delivering stellar results!

“Edvantis leaders can fully grasp the complexities of our business. We appreciated their initiative in sending a team to our offices to ensure the integration process went smoothly. What’s more, they remained highly engaged even after integration. Additionally, I appreciated that they had low turnover rates, so we could always rely on them to meet our capacity needs.”

CFO & COO at Ecommerce company

Edvantis set the bar for excellent IT delivery and introduced the client to the IT market in Ukraine. Our four-year partnership gave the company confidence to subsequently open a dedicated R&D center in Kyiv, Ukraine.

During the project, Edvantis team proved to be extremely hard-working, took ownership of the deliverables, and showed strong commitment. Even post-integration, they were very engaged.

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