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Edvantis assisted ATR’s internal QA team by independently testing software modules.

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ATR offers training, change management, and procedure lifecycle solutions to governments and businesses in heavily regulated industries: manufacturing, mining, aerospace, refining, chemicals, nuclear, education, energy, military, and agriculture.

Businesses in high-risk industries rely on ATR’s software to enhance worker productivity and safety. ATR sought a long-term, impartial QA vendor to support its internal testing team and to ensure that their solutions are consistently reliable and compliant with the relevant standards.

Main Technologies

Java, Selenium, TestNG, Apache, Jmeter


Edvantis assigned three experienced QA engineers to support ATR’s in-house QA process and conduct regular software testing in various environments, adhering to internal standards and documenting user stories.

“Their level of communication sets them apart. We’ve had great cooperation through the entire history of our working with them.”

Elliott Lander, Managing Director, ATR

As part of the project, Edvantis specialists successfully ran the following tests on ATR’s desktop, mobile, and web applications:

  • Performance testing, including load testing, to ensure the applications deliver a seamless user experience, meet performance expectations, and can handle different loads and scenarios;
  • Regression testing, providing confidence that the software is maintaining the expected quality and behaviors as it evolves over time;
  • Usability testing, guaranteeing that the software is intuitive, user-friendly, and offers a positive and efficient experience for its intended users; and
  • User acceptance testing, confirming that the application meets the desired quality standards from a user perspective.

Edvantis offered ATR impartial feedback and expert QA advice, assisting the Company’s development teams in system improvement. Our specialists contributed to ATR’s internal knowledge management system, recording and structuring all test information for future reference and utilization.


Since 2008, Edvantis and ATR have cultivated a solid and reliable partnership, leading to enhanced software product quality. Each year, we collaborate on two or three major product releases, along with numerous additional updates and improvements.

“Edvantis has been able to constantly discover issues and work with the in-house team to track that information. In addition to adhering to project requirements, the team is communicative and cooperative, making for a successful, long-term working relationship.”

Elliott Lander, Managing Director, ATR

Edvantis has played a crucial role in establishing a seamless software testing lifecycle and implementing automated testing processes. These efforts have effectively eliminated many routine and mundane tasks while significantly accelerating test execution.

The level of communication sets them apart. We’ve had great cooperation through the entire history of our working with them. Our relationship has been highly successful.

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