Quality Assurance Services

Launch a superior product that complies with quality standards, enhances your brand’s image, and builds customer loyalty. Having run QA projects for over 18 years, we have the expertise and tools to ensure your software is functional, secure, and scalable. We use test automation best practices to eliminate human error, speed up the testing process, and guarantee the maximum accuracy of test results. 

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IT Quality Assurance Expertise

Edvantis combines proven quality assurance and software testing frameworks and technologies to help businesses cross-domain delivery robust, bug-free software products. 

Scale your testing capacity
Increase product quality
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Our QA Services:

Customer experience is the new competitive battlefield for digital businesses. Delight users with fine-tuned software experience. We can help you attain it by continuously testing all-types-platforms software, so that your teams can focus on fast delivery and distribution.

Quality Assurance Services Mobile

QA Services Edvantis provides:

  • Web Application Testing Services
  • Desktop Application Testing Services
  • API Testing Services
  • Mobile App Testing Services
Quality Assurance Services

How We Work

A strong QA process is more than just detecting bugs on time — it’s about preventing them altogether. Implement a continuous approach to software testing with Edvantis’ help.

01. Pre-Planning

Our team evaluates your testing needs, the current QA process (if already established) and we jointly formalize the scope of work, including current testing cases and future requirements. We also introduce you to our service models and help make the optimal selection. By gathering this information, we custom-tailor our QA Services to fit your business needs.

02. Initiation

Based on your requirements, we either assemble a managed team or source and pre-screen QA specialists for your project. At this stage, our goal is to ensure that the selected people and supporting infrastructure fully covers all your quality assurance requirements. We also proactively advise you on the QA approaches, methods, and tools. 

03. Execution

Once the team has been on-boarded, the infrastructure assembled, and the testing cases are prepared, we are ready to deliver software testing services. You can integrate your QA team to any stage of the software development lifecycle. Attain higher software product quality, reduce bug rates, and mitigate the risks of costly reworks at later stages of delivery. 

04. Reporting

After executing a full-cycle of manual and automated tests, our QA specialists will document and report all the core findings, plus provide recommendations for extra improvements and change requests. So that you could infuse extra quality into your software applications and back subsequent development plans with actionable data.

Our QA Testing Technique

Different factors can determine the software quality. To design test-cases, we set forth the determined measures as test oracles — and objectives, determining if the software passed or failed. By setting these objectives, we incorporate QA testing services into your development process with measurable efficiency. 

  • Product Artifacts
  • Architecture Vision
  • Design Specifications
  • Functional and Non-functional Requirements

Managed QA Team or QA Process Augmentation: What Works Best?

Edvantis offers two flexible service models for delivering quality assurance expertise. Each option has its set of unique benefits and boundaries, making either more suitable for different types of projects and buyers.

Managed quality assurance team

A managed quality assurance team is a ‘plug and play’ unit you can leverage at any type of project and scale up or down as needed. Managed QA teams require less time for operational ramp-up and can ensure higher test coverage rates. By leveraging this service model, you can cover a wide range of automated and manual testing tasks without the need to scale your capacities in-house. Team performance and effectiveness manageement are on Edvantis.

QA process augmentation

QA process augmentation requires a greater degree of involvement from you as a customer. In this case, Edvantis software testing services would include identifying, interviewing, and hiring QA specialists for your project, in addition to ensuring their fast onboarding.  The new hires become a remote extension of your in-house team. Unlike the managed team model, staff augmentation assumes a greater degree of the day-to-day management of your new hires. 

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