Digital Transformation for a Global IT Services Provider  

Thanks to Digital Transformation guided by our expert team, a European IT service provider increased profitability, customer satisfaction, and employee loyalty, optimizing processes across the whole organization.

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A leading provider of IT services in Europe had a well-established market presence but sought to strengthen its position, increase profitability, and attract new clients. Some processes and workflows hindered the Company’s growth, consuming too much capacity and resources.  

The cooperation began at the onset of 2020 as the IT industry struggled to remain steady amid global disruption. Despite a turbulent period, our team initiated digital transformation across the entire organization.   

With an in-depth analysis of the Company’s goals, business processes, and IT maturity, we planned to: 

  • Streamline business operations and maximize team productivity through implementation of unified communication system across the organization  
  • Rebuild an IT infrastructure, aligning it with the Company’s business goals.  
  • Optimize the recruitment & HR processes to reduce the cost-per-hire and increase employee loyalty.  
  • Enhance the current service portfolio to match customer needs, industry trends, and tech potential.  


We engaged 8 specialists, all top-level leaders with executive experience in enterprises with over 1500 employees.


The IT Company aimed to plan and execute its entire digital transformation program – from strategizing and analysis to integration and personnel skilling.   

We studied and mapped the Company’s overall process flow, searching for recurring problems, areas for improvement, and cost-saving opportunities. Our business analysis team interviewed key stakeholders – owners, department heads, clients, and employees — to uncover past strategies and lessons learned.  

As a result, we provided the Company with the full roadmap, IT tools ecosystem, change management plan, and personnel training strategy. Our efforts resulted in the following improvements:  

  • Service Model Evolution: Our IT consultancy team restructured the Company’s service portfolio to add more value to customers and increase their satisfaction. We introduced a suite of service offerings that better reflect market trends, client demands, and the Company’s unique technical potential.   
  • IT Infrastructure Modernization: We optimized processes for administering and upgrading the Company’s software, hardware, internal servers, networks, and environments. We implemented a HelpDesk system and integrated cloud-based productivity software (for tracking hours, monitoring work, delegating tasks, and communicating). Currently, we are focusing on AI adoption across all departments.   
  • Data Security and Compliance: We developed an information security strategy that takes a systematic approach to identifying, handling, and preventing threats. Under our guidance, the Company underwent an in-depth security audit and achieved ISO certification.  
  • Sales Operation Revamp: We implemented transparent and seamless CRM operations and created a customized analytics and BI reporting system, thus streamlining marketing and sales coordination. By simplifying the process of tracking and interacting with leads, we reduced engagement expenses and efforts.  
  • HR & Recruitment Optimization: We integrated a CRM that stores employee information, allowing the recruiters and HR department to plan initiatives that suit each candidate and employee. A digital knowledge management system helps HR specialists store all Company files and reports in one place and communicate news promptly.   
  • Financial Management Improvements: We developed streamlined accounting systems that produce accurate monthly profit and loss statements, cash flow reports, and debt management information.  


As a result of our proactive decision-making and comprehensive strategy, the Company has become more adaptable to external challenges – be it a global recession or AI revolution. Across 6 departments, in 4 years, our digital transformation efforts yielded tangible results:  

  • 10%+ increase in customer satisfaction across all Company’s projects  
  • 78%+ increase in employee loyalty  
  • 20%+ year-over-year growth after the first round of digital transformation 

Edvantis is a value-driven tech partner, capable of identifying the most complex business needs. Our digital transformation efforts led to operational improvements, earning us KPMG's recognition as a Digital Transformation Leader.

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