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Edvantis assisted Wellster Healthtech with the development of frontend functionality for its telehealth platform

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About the Company

Wellster Healthtech Group builds digital clinics catering to various health needs. Since its inception in 2018 in Munich, founders Dr. Manuel Nothelfer and Nico Hribernik have pioneered innovative approaches to healthcare. Their digital ecosystem includes a range of specialized health portals, contributing to making medical treatments more accessible and effective.


Wellster faced the challenge of improving the user experience and scalability of its web-based platform amid rapid growth.The platform needed a robust enhancement of frontend functionality to meet the demands of an evolving telehealth landscape. Their goal was to improve user interface design, develop new product features like a dedicated user account, and integrate third-party services.

Wellster’s Head of Engineering has worked with Edvantis on previous projects. In his memory, we stood out as a reliable outsourcing partner, capable of delivering long-term value and scaling engagements rapidly.

Technologies Used

React, TypeScript, MySQL, Docker, AWS, Kubernetes


Edvantis provided Wellster with a dynamic team that scaled down and up based on the needs of the Company. At different stages of the project, we provided from 1 to 6 experts with a diverse set of skills, including Frontend Developers, Fullstack Developers, and QA engineers

Edvantis team fully integrated with Wellster’s internal Scrum team and delivered results as part of the Company’s Agile sprints. Specialists from our company contributed to all stages of the project: from planning to architectural decision-making. 

Primarily using React, TypeScript, and MySQL, Edvantis team has achieved the following results:

  • Added a new functionality to an existing web-based user interface
  • Built a “dedicated user account” feature
  • Integrated a platform with third-party services
  • Deployed new functionality to AWS using Docker containers and Kubernetes

“The team regularly delivers their results as part of their Agile development team sprints. With their help we were able to provide significant usability improvements to our customers.”

Timo Kahle, Former Head of Engineering, Wellster Healthtech Group GmbH
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With the help of Edvantis, Wellster Healthtech delivered significant usability enhancements to its customers. Their dynamic team expansion contributed to regular sprint successes as part of Wellster’s Agile development framework. 

These accomplishments have demonstrated Edvantis’ ability to understand client needs and provide suitable team members fit for both skill requirements and team dynamics.

The Head of Engineering at Wellster expressed satisfaction with the Edvantis team, noting their consistent delivery of results within their Agile development sprints. The client highlighted Edvantis’s dedication to meeting Wellster’s evolving needs in a collaborative manner.

Edvantis listens to our needs and finds the best suitable team members that not only cater to the skills we are looking for, but also the right team fit.

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