Revitalizing a Human-Machine Interface for Television Sets

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Edvantis helped a renowned consumer electronics company in Germany to rework the Human-Machine Interface (HMI) of its proprietary television sets

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About the Company

TechniSat is one of the leading German manufacturers of consumer electronics products including televisions, digital radios, smart home products, and other lifestyle electronic devices.


TechniSat’s HMI got outdated after a ten-year run and required a complete upgrade to remain relevant for another decade. The main goals were:

  • Integrate a modern, visually appealing UI for satellite tuners.
  • Redesign the HMI for television sets, ensuring longevity and scalability.

Despite the company’s in-house backend capabilities, TechniSat required expertise in frontend development to bring their designers’ vision to life, adapt it to their technology stack, and ensure top-notch performance across all popular devices.


Edvantis assigned a team of 10 software developers experienced in C++ and Qt framework to craft a solution according to the client’s precise specifications. 

Initially, the project focused on high-end devices. However, after a few months, the client made a strategic shift to target low-end devices, forcing the team to essentially restart their work. Edvantis’ team had to implement highly optimized code while ensuring optimal performance even on less powerful hardware.

Edvantis tackled the frontend development through Qt Modeling Language (QML) programming while TechniSat handled the backend, resulting in a symbiotic relationship that combined Edvantis’ software development skills with TechniSat’s industry expertise.

The client commended Edvantis for our professional approach to project management (PM) and a competent integration of agile methodologies and scrum frameworks. Together, our proficiency in PM, tech expertise, and teamwork helped maintain a steady pace and adaptability throughout the SDLC.

“What they delivered was well-received. The feedback we got about the quality of their work was so positive. It was really amazing, and I would not have anticipated such positive feedback from the whole team.”

Armin Hardt, Former CFO, TechniSat R&D
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Although the final product didn’t go into production due to the client’s change of priorities, the collaboration between TechniSat and Edvantis serves as a valuable precedent for future partnerships in software development. 

A collaborative approach, clear communication, transparent project management, and adaptability to changes are the key to success in software development for consumer electronics.

You have to have a clear plan on what you want to have developed… otherwise they won’t start it because most projects end as a mess which is something most companies can’t afford.”

Armin Hardt, Former CFO, TechniSat R&D
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The synergy we achieved and results we delivered shows the significance of choosing an experienced tech partner – the one who can deliver top-notch products, no matter the device constraints.

They were all high quality. Not only from the professional side, but it was quite positive and open-minded as well.

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