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A property management platform hired Edvantis to improve the frontend and backend of a compliance management system

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About the Company

Safety Media operates a mobile and desktop solution, that makes it easy for property managers and owners to conduct their building inspections, maintain equipment, and achieve compliance cost effectively. 

The Challenge

The client aimed to improve both the frontend and backend, enhance the mobile experience for existing and new features, and enable customer admin management of their solution.

To tackle these issues, Safety Media was looking for an experienced software development vendor who could provide them with a dedicated team covering all aspects, from design and software development to testing and delivery management. This marked the beginning of the cooperation with Edvantis.

Recognizing the initial success achieved by our development team, later the project scope expanded to also include a comprehensive customer self-management interface.

Technologies Used

Ruby on Rails, vueJS, PostgreSQL, Heroku


Our assembled team, consisting of 2 software engineers, 1 test engineer, a technical lead, a project coordinator, and a UI/UX designer (on-demand), tackled the core issue of slow performance and website loading. Identifying memory leaks as the root cause, our focus in the initial project phase was dedicated to their systematic elimination.

  • The initial deliverables showcased partial performance optimization, notably reducing the key report generation time from 15 minutes to 10-15 seconds.
  • Optimization efforts extended to other system components such as APIs, workers, and additional reports.
  • Additionally our team provided structure and support for future features and functionality. 

Building on the success achieved, the project expanded to include the development of a fully functional, intuitive customer self-managed administration interface. This phase also introduced several user interface improvements, significantly enhancing usability on both desktop and mobile platforms.

The latest challenge was to complete the redesign of reports, aiming for a fundamental transformation in the generation process.


What initially started with a modest scope has evolved into a long-term commitment, including ongoing support and maintenance. The growing expectations align seamlessly with the continually demonstrated qualifications and expertise of our dedicated team.

Their ability to listen carefully to our requirements and to bring top-level development talent, testers, and project managers was very impressive and unique.

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