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Edvantis assisted in enhancing Physical Asset Management Solutions and Life Safety Solutions, enabling enterprise-level clients streamline their operations and enhance profitability.

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Our client specializes in complete asset management solutions that reduce costs and complexity of IT infrastructure. Their goal is to enable companies to manage assets more efficiently using technology that minimizes new infrastructure and makes operations profitable, safe, and sustainable.

The client faced a shortage of developmental resources within their team and reached out to Edvantis for assistance. They sought to extend their team with skilled developers capable of navigating the demanding expectations of their client base.

Team Size and Composition

Edvantis assigned a team consisting of 4 software developers and 1 UX designer to intensify on software development tasks and reduce the technical debt that had accumulated over time. Currently, the Edvantis team has adjusted to align with the client’s requirements and the project’s dynamics by reducing the team size to one software engineer.

Technologies Used

.NET, Java, AWS, AWS EC2, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon SQS, AWS Lambda, React, Flink, Angular, SQL Server


The initial phase of the project involved a significant amount of code migration—transferring and updating code from older versions of their solutions. The complexities of the project required developers to immerse themselves in outdated code while meeting high standards of performance set by the client.

Overcoming the challenges of managing a backlog of initiatives, Edvantis optimized their approach. Post-reorganization and acquisition of our client’s company, Edvantis continued to work closely with new management. They provided a fresh dynamic, actively engaging with end customers and entrusting Edvantis with technological decisions.

The team used a variety of Amazon Web Services to manage massive data volumes, prioritizing cost-effective solutions. Developing freedom in their approach allowed Edvantis to work on crucial parts of the solution, continually adapting to the evolving needs of the client’s clientele.


Edvantis’ partnership with the client has resulted in:

  • Transition to a newer solution with failover support.
  • Backend development for client’s application’s second iteration.
  • Server-side logic for new reader mechanisms.
  • Development of a serverless third version of the application using AWS.
  • Implementation of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) position algorithms for tag raw data from readers.
  • Creation of positioning algorithms for BLE and GPS readings using Apache Flink architecture and Java.
  • Architecture updates to reduce monthly AWS cost.

This collaboration speaks to a blending of technical expertise and long-lasting dedication. It highlights how a company, with the right team and technological innovation, can meet rigorous industry demands and continue to evolve in their services and solutions.

We are really happy with their performance. They are proactive, have a good understanding of the customers’ use cases and take ownership of tasks.

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