Staff Augmentation Services for a Software Testing Company

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Edvantis has been a key strategic partner for a Software Testing Company, helping achieve clients’ software testing objectives throughout our 18-year collaboration 

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About the Company

TESTCo, a US-based IT company, specializes in providing outsourced software testing services to help their clients meet quality and production goals. 


TESTCo required a flexible team of Test Engineers capable of managing short-term, on-demand, and continuous QA outsourcing projects, especially when faced with exceptionally tight deadlines. 

Main Goals

When Edvantis partnered with TESTCo, we outlined several goals to align with the client’s needs: 

  • Ensure a smooth adaptation of new team members into the unique work environment, minimizing disruption and aligning with TESTCo’s methodologies. 
  • Participate in on-demand projects, regardless of their prior experience in similar tasks. 
  • Deliver results within the constraints of short-term and limited budget, ensuring maximized productivity and client satisfaction without sacrificing the work quality. 
  • Establish a proficient process for cross-platform testing, verifying that software operates flawlessly across multiple browsers and platforms. 


To respond to TESTCo’s challenges, Edvantis assigned a flexible team that included Project manager, 7 manual testers and 1 automation QA engineer suitable for diverse project requirements.  

TESTCo experienced significant enhancements post Edvantis’s integration: 

  • Client Satisfaction: The client’s third-party customers have consistently expressed satisfaction with their work, fostering enduring loyalty. 
  • Task Supervision and Cultural Alignment: TESTCo’s Test Engineers supervised new Edvantis members on assignments and ensured their swift adaptation to TESTCo’s established culture and processes. 
  • Budget-Friendly Approach: We executed short-term projects without incurring additional costs for the customer. 
  • Device-Sharing Initiative: We expanded device coverage by utilizing Edvantis’s resources and strategically sharing devices across projects. 

“Our clients are very satisfied, almost never leave after beginning work with us and depend on us to achieve their goals.” 

Jeff Hotz, Founder and CEO, TESTCo 
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Edvantis has set up an efficient workflow and demonstrated stability across various projects, assisting TESTCo in reaching clients’ objectives throughout 18 years of cooperation. This track record has fostered a level of mutual trust, transforming our relationship to strategic partnership rather than customer-contractor interaction. 

TESTCo team members shared numerous positive feedbacks about their experience with Edvantis, highlighting aspects such as: 

  • Exceptional problem-solving capabilities and reliability over 20 years of partnership 
  • Trustworthiness and consistent performance from Edvantis’s engineers 
  • Quick response times and a genuine team spirit that made collaborations seamless 

Edvantis is a PARTNER — not a vendor. Our clients are very satisfied, almost never leave after beginning work with us and depend on us to achieve their goals.

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