Edvantis in 2022: Key Highlights and Achievements

United by a shared goal and grateful for every growth opportunity – that’s how Edvantis hailed through 2022. Inadvertently, this year became a litmus test for global resilience and partnerships, both in the business and geopolitical contexts.

We would prefer to read, not live through turbulent historical times.

Russia’s unprovoked war against Ukraine, the global financial crisis, and the echoes of the COVID-19 pandemic have earned this year a nickname of “permacrisis.”

But we also believe that decisive action is the best way to cope with the feeling of instability. That’s how Edvantis navigated the challenging year and now hopes to emerge even stronger in 2023.

Edvantis’ Crisis Response in 2022

Edvantis had already completed an operational transformation in response to the pandemic. An earlier crisis made us better prepared for maintaining business continuity during wartime: 

  • Our specialists, used to remote work, could rapidly set up at new locations and remain productive. 
  • Our partners, who observed our resilience during the pandemic, trusted our disaster recovery capacity and supported our adaptation efforts since February.
  • Our managers, accustomed to business risks posed by the Russian hybrid warfare since 2014 and the COVID-19 crisis, rapidly executed contingency plans.  

Edvantis continues to fulfill our commitments to partner success, the safety of our workforce, and the well-being of all Ukrainians.

Team Safety and Productivity

Our workforce safety and well-being are of the utmost importance to Edvantis. We facilitated staff relocation to safer parts of Ukraine (Lviv) and Europe (Poland), where we have offices.

We have also implemented several initiatives aimed at supporting our people:

1. Crisis fund: In February 2022, Edvantis created a stabilization fund to: 

  • Provide compensation to our specialists enlisted in the Armed Forces of Ukraine
  • Provide compensation to our specialists unable to relocate from dangerous regions of Ukraine
  • Support team-led volunteering initiatives
  • Respond to new unforeseen developments 

2. Mental health program: We held a series of workshops during the year. Each specialist can also request personal mental counseling at any time.

Consistent Delivery of Value to Partners

Long before the full-scale Russian invasion, we had developed a business continuity and risk management plan for the worst-case scenarios. These plans ensured our teams would have the space, equipment, and facilities needed to accomplish their day-to-day work.

How Edvantis Achieves Ensure Undisrupted Operations

As a result, we can continue to maintain consistent service standards even during ongoing disruption. Despite multiple attacks on Ukrainian power grinds and telecommunications infrastructure, our specialists always have sufficient access to electricity and the Internet for remote work arrangements. Everyone also has the option to work from our two offices in Lviv, fully equipped with power generators, Starlinks, and autonomous heating units.

It’s our responsibility to ensure our partners know they can count on Edvantis’ uninterrupted services. Our 2022 CSAT score attests to that fact.

CSAT score for 2022 is 95+%

Our positive Clutch reviews are also a testament to the value we deliver to clients. This year, we received positive reviews from Wellster Healthtech Group GmbH and SEMDATEX GmbH.

Insights From Our 2022 Clutch Reviews:

Edvantis’ Achievements in 2022 

Despite this year being one of the toughest, Edvantis not only stayed afloat but also excelled in several strategic areas. We bagged new awards, secured more partnerships, gained unique expertise, and managed to provide substantial support to Ukraine.

Edvantis’ Awards

A great testament to our growing expertise and service quality is recognition from industry leaders. Edvantis had a year abundant in awards:

  • Stevie Awards: 2022 Silver Stevie Winner
  • Clutch: Top B2B Services and Top Developers in Ukraine
  • Goodfirms: Top Ecommerce Development Company, Top IT Services Company, Top Software Development Company
  • iTRate: Top Custom Software Development Company
  • Techreviewer: Top AngularJS Developers, Top BigCommerce Developers, Top Java Developers
  • TechBehemoths: Top Artificial Intelligence Company in Ukraine, Top Mobile App Development Company in Ukraine, Top UI/UX Design Company in Ukraine

Our Support for Ukraine

The future of democratic rule, freedom, and justice depends on actions every person takes today — small and big. We go the extra mile to help the Ukrainian armed forces succeed on the battlefields, and all Ukrainian citizens — maintain high spirits even in the most challenging circumstances.

“Supporting the Ukrainian Armed Forces is our daily duty, the highest honor, and the most vital investment into the future. Those brave Ukrainians at the frontlines hold the key to peace and well-being of our country and the entire European continent. That key is victory.”

Ruslan Zakharchenko, Edvantis Group CEO

Edvantis, as a legal entity, and our staff continuously donate money and equipment to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and internally displaced Ukrainians. Here are the results of our most significant volunteering initiatives:

BigCommerce Partnership

In April 2022, Edvantis officially partnered with BigCommerce – a leading Open SaaS ecommerce platform. 

Edvantis joined the BigCommerce partner program and completed all the necessary steps to become a certified vendor, whom BigCommerce feels confident to recommend to its clients.

Edvantis tech expertise, combined with extensive knowledge of BigCommerce architecture, will help our clients capitalize on the ongoing online commerce growth momentum.

“I’m excited to welcome such a talented and well-respected agency into the BigCommerce partner program, and look forward to working with them to bring additional value to BigCommerce merchants seeking a top-notch website experience.”

 Jim Herbert, senior vice president and general manager of EMEA at BigCommerce

Our cooperation got off to a great start with Edvantis & BigCommerce strengthening each other’s service offerings. Throughout 2022, we published a series of educational blog posts and a playbook. The latter is a comprehensive guide, providing merchants with a proven framework for building efficient cooperation with BigCommerce-certified outsourcing vendors.

Download Edvantis & BigCommerce Playbook

Recognition of Edvantis & Doc Cirrus Partnership

This year, European Business Review has recognized our unique approach to IT outsourcing partnerships. 

The publisher used our recent project with Doc Cirrus as a case study of how outsourcing partnerships can lead to faster time-to-market, technological excellence, efficient product transformation, and long-term success.

The results of our partnership were significant: Doc Cirrus entered the Swiss market, transformed their product into an ecosystem of e-health apps, and attracted a competitive startup into the ecosystem.

Strengthening Our Expertise

In 2022, we welcomed Taras Romanyk to our leadership board. Taras, a seasoned technical director, will help Edvantis’ workforce achieve even greater software development excellence and operational alignment. We also accumulated considerable expertise in two new domains: Operations Services and Microsoft Dynamics AX. 

As part of operations services, Edvantis offers technical support (levels 2 & 3), site reliability engineering, and DevOps services. We can help improve your IT system performance, security, and availability to ensure you meet every SLA on time.

As part of our Microsoft Dynamics AX expertise, we offer solution development and consultancy, customization and upgrades, and migration to Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. Edvantis can tailor Microsoft Dynamics AX to fit your business needs and requirements.

Our Contributions to the Ukrainian IT Industry: Python & React Internship

In the Summer of 2022, Edvantis launched our second internship for IT newcomers. This time, we selected Python & React to be targeted technologies. The internship lasted for one month and consisted of 6 steps: 

  • Open application process
  • Participation enrollment
  • React of Python theoretic lessons
  • Individual projects
  • Mentor feedback
  • Summary of monthly studies

Internship Results: 

Welcoming 2023 with Gratitude

Edvantis enters 2023 on a high note: We are visiting our partners in the USA and strengthening our cooperation with them.

Throughout the year, we have seen tremendous support from all our global partners, team dedication, and leaders’ exceptional decision-making.

Such cooperation helped Edvantis achieve a competitive advantage and ensure our people perform their duties in a safe working environment. Moreover, we had the opportunity and resources to support Ukraine’s economic growth, humanitarian initiatives, and military power.

“We keep our bar high and remain trusted partners in growth for our clients and dependable leaders for our teams. That’s the true power of unity: having each other’s backs at the most challenging times. I want to thank all concerned for putting your trust in Edvantis. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!”

Ruslan Zakharchenko, Edvantis Group CEO

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