Loan Origination Software Development and Modernization for Tech Vendor

Edvantis is helping Collenda — a trusted credit management and collections software vendor — bring new customer-facing digital products to the market.


Collenda is an established market player that offers a set of whole credit lifecycle software solutions to over 700 banks, corporates, and collection agencies in Europe. The company’s main purpose is to help its clients conduct more efficient credit operations and improve the effectiveness of their collection efforts. 

Due to the rising competitive pressure from FinTech startups and other financial companies, Collenda decided to ramp-up their product digitalization, too.

More specifically, Collenda’s goal was to:

  • Upgrade their legacy web application to improve usability, performance and upgrade its technology stack.
  • Roll-out new self-service portals for end-customers that could help them apply for loans or debt restructuring.
  • Switch to responsive, mobile-friendly web design and technology to deliver a better user experience.

However, the company struggled to find the right engineering talent locally and decided to try IT outsourcing instead. Edvantis was shortlisted along with two other vendors and, eventually, selected as the service provider. Collenda commented that both our professionalism in development and flexibility in resource scaling, offered within the Staff Augmentation service model, were the decisive factors.

From March 2019, we had 6 engineers of Lead, Senior, Middle and Junior levels, working in two teams on Collenda’s project. 

“ [Edvantis] work was well received by our internal team as well. We wouldn’t have gained this technology leap without them, and we really appreciate the work that they’ve done. The architects were very skilled and had their own ideas to implement the features.”

Christoph Tahedl, CTO at Collenda

Solutions Delivered by Edvantis

Within a one-year timeframe, Edvantis engineers have fully integrated into Collenda’s work setup and effectively coordinated with internal teams. Collenda relies on agile software development — sets key sprint goals and provides use story estimates — that our teams deliver upon. 

Such well-ramped up cooperation has already yielded significant results for Collenda. Our teams have performed: 

  • Front-end re-design for the credit management software suite, powered by React.js.
  • Lending portal re-architecture, using Spring Boot for backend and React.js for front-end solutions.
  • New loan application development using JavaServer Faces (JSF) for component-based user interfaces.
  • Lending application porting to React.js to improve user satisfaction with the product. At the same time, we managed to preserve the required HTML/JSP component functionality to ensure smooth app performance.
  • A host of additional integrations with different systems. 
results for Collenda

One of the new challenges our engineers faced during the project was the need to port JSF/Primefaces to React.js within the Loan Portal. We had to perform major changes to the application backend, which also brought in several performance improvements. 

In addition to that, we also worked on reducing code generation based on XML for the Open Credit Solution. Thanks to proactive knowledge sharing from Collenda and their engineering team’s insights, together we also found an elegant solution to preserve XML metadata, while ensuring that all the UI gets built dynamically in runtime, based on the information from current components.

“If you want to introduce new technology to your team, the input coming from Edvantis helps to speed up, helps to find new ideas, and helps find developers that have these skills.”

Christoph Tahedl, CTO at Collenda

We Achieved Great Results Together! 

Edvantis teams are successfully co-creating new products with Collenda. Our developers have fully integrated into the company operations. Thus, they developed a deep knowledge of its core systems and portfolio products. 

Together, we performed two major system updates and contributed to the release of two innovative products:

  • The Open Credit 4.0 — an integrated credit management platform, featuring smart, AI-driven workflows, aimed at helping financial agents deliver more efficient, consistent, and personalized services. 
  • New Lending Portal, integrated with Open Credit 4.0. — user-friendly and intuitive cloud-based solution for loan applications and processing. 

In addition to that, our team helpedmigrate extensive databases and source code from German to English to further improve product maintainability. 

Technologies Used 

Java / React.js / Spring Boot / JSF/ Primefaces /

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