Application Development and Database Optimization for a Data Aggregation and Analytics Company

By aggregating and analyzing data, KPC Labs helps businesses gain valuable insights. Edvantis helped the Company develop an application and optimize databases by scaling up their team with eight developers, one ML engineer, and one QA specialist.

The Challenge

Due to the long-term nature of Edvantis collaboration with KPC Labs, we resolved many
challenges which varied each year as the Company was growing and improving.

In particular, the Company required us to:

  • Create, configure, and maintain a website crawler that automatically extracts data from websites
  • Develop, maintain, and then redesign the web-based application (portal)
  • Optimize database queries to be able to handle large amounts of data with time-efficiency
  • Introduce a machine learning solution for forecasting sales in the US real estate market

The members of their team adhere to a workflow with great discipline. They have been very transparent about what they can deliver and kept their promises. We keep up the successful partnership. Quality, speed, cost, and skills are well-balanced!

Seth Krauss, Partner at KPC Labs

Solutions Delivered by Edvantis

In addition to web-based app development, the Edvantis team helped with cloud
architecture, big data analytics, ML, and microservices.

And as a part of our 12-year-old partnership we:

  • Ceated and configured the crawler to automatically discover and extract data from real estate websites.
  • Developed a web-application Portal for processing and selling data extracted by crawlers. The solution can query data based on filters and geo shapes (circle or polygon) using two large databases.
  • Enhanced the performance, stability, and security of the web application and web crawler.
  • Introduced 20+ microservices for Crawler and Portal

This and much more – available in the PDF version of the case below.

We Achieved Great Results Together!

With the help of Edvantis engineers, the client obtained IT services (web solutions and
portals) that were viable for their operations. The Company benefited from a dynamic team
of professionals that adapted easily to challenges, whether it was about expanding their
scope of work or requiring to work from home.

Delivered value in numbers is available in the downloadable PDF case below.

Now, KPC Labs is continuing to grow despite all the challenges imposed by COVID-19. And
we are glad to continue our partnership!

Technologies Used

Java 8 / Spring Framework / JavaScript / jQuery / MySQL / Elasticsearch / Amazon SageMaker / Apache Tomcat / Amazon Web Services

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