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Edvantis assisted the Property Rental Company to build an Airbnb-like online rental experience for their customers.

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The Property Rental Company was in need of a major upgrade to their online booking platform and connected databases. Their goal was to enhance the customer (CX) and user (UX) experience by:

  • Creating an online marketplace for property rentals that allows clients to easily browse and prescreen temporary housing options in various locations
  • Offering new reporting features for platform users for quick updates on their employees’ locations and movements which proved especially valuable during the COVID-19 pandemic for tracking traveling employees

Technologies Used

.NET Framework, ASP.NET, Entity Framework, Microsoft Azure, React


To achieve these objectives, Edvantis took charge of end-to-end software development services from product discovery and definition, through architecture and application development, to roll-out, ongoing maintenance and support.

Our team played a crucial role in helping the Property Rental Company introduce the following software features to the market:

  • A new backend solution to synchronize the company’s global database with the website. This enabled customers to instantly check property availability, pricing, and other details online, and submit booking requests
  • An intuitive user interface displaying all available properties in nearby locations, along with local points of interest. Users can easily refine their searches by location to find the most suitable property

“Project management is phenomenal. I can’t speak highly enough of the project manager and the rest of the team. We have one internal team member that runs the software development from a business perspective that coordinates with them. They meet 2–3 times a week using video conferencing. Prior to our engagement, we had several people warn us not to outsource, but we haven’t faced any of the pitfalls associated with an overseas team”

CEO at the Property Rental Company

Technical Aspects of a Project

From a technical perspective, the new application is fully hosted on Microsoft Azure cloud, with our team providing ongoing cloud support and maintenance services.

We are also planning to add new microservices to the existing architecture, leveraging Azure DevOps Services for streamlined development and greater automation throughout the application development lifecycle.

To support the Property Rental Company’s innovation goals, we recommended using micro frontends and React.js as front-end solutions. Additionally, our team introduced Docker and Kubernetes to streamline deployment.


The result is a revamped Property Rental Company web platform that seamlessly connects customers with property suppliers and simplifies the rental process. Together, transformed the initial MVP into a full-scale product successfully transitioning it into the production stage.

Project management is phenomenal. I can’t speak highly enough of the project manager and the rest of the team. I trust them as experts in development.

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