Staff Augmentation Services for a Lean Software Provider

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Edvantis provided staff augmentation services to build out a lean manufacturing software system alongside with an in-house team

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About the Company

Factory Logic was a burgeoning startup that specialized in providing a lean management software solution aimed at assisting manufacturing companies in adopting lean management and manufacturing principles. The company was later acquired by SAP Labs.


With the objective of stretching the engineering spend and increasing the speed and output of the existing team, Factory Logic faced significant challenges as a startup in a competitive tech industry. Facing an employee turnover problem, the company contacted Edvantis to address and mitigate its talent gaps and ensure long-term retention of new specialists.

According to the former director of lean manufacturing and operations at Factory Logic, the initial challenge was to deliver “as much functionality in the shortest time.” Post-acquisition by SAP Labs, the company faced the challenging task of migrating their code to meet SAP’s stringent standards for accessibility, security, documentation, and more.

Main Technologies

Java, EJB 2,  Struts, Oracle DB / MS SQL, Apache OJB, IBM WebSphere, JMS, Ant, Apache POI


Having analyzed Factory Logic’s staffing needs, Edvantis provided the company with a scalable team of 5-10 skilled software developers and QA engineers. Edvantis was actively involved in all project features, collaborating in tandem with Factory Logic’s engineering unit.

We measured their success in their technical competence, specifically the amount of software development they could get done in a given amount of time. Edvantis’ points per person were always competitive with our other teams. They had good quality technical results in a reasonable amount of time.

Tim Nichol, Former VP of Development, Factory Logic 
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Factory Logic handled the project planning, and our team participated in all communication sessions, meetings, planning workshops, and scrums. During the development stage, our engineers delivered high-performing features over a relatively short time, making us a solid addition to the client’s in-house team.


Edvantis offered a high level of technical skill and a near-nonexistent turnover rate, which made us a genuinely reliable staff augmentation partner for Factory Logic. Additionally, the client valued our upskilling services as we transferred our tech knowledge and experience to their internal specialists.

We’d also fly out one of their senior team members for 2–4 weeks to immerse them with our team. They’d then take their knowledge and teach and lead others. That helped 1–2 people deeply integrate and bond with the team.

Tim Nichol, Former VP of Development, Factory Logic 
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The client increased the technical capacity by approximately 45%, while only increasing the spend by 12%. Edvantis offered a flexible model of scaling up and down the development resources upon client’s request to align with project needs.

We found them to be credible and highly technically competent. They helped us with all of our features, working alongside our existing engineering team.

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